Is Microsoft Going to Copy the Wii U?

Last year at e3 2011 Nintendo unveiled their next home console, the Wii U. Nintendo made the first strike in the next gen war, and they once again are hoping to win market share by introducing a new way to play. The current generation was the first to be introduced to motion controls, and eventually the competition made their own motion control schemes, to compete with Nintendo. With CES upon us, and Windows 8 tablet likely to be unveiled in full it begs the question if Microsoft will have their own tablet controller for the Xbox 720.

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fluffydelusions3548d ago

Copying is the best form of flattery...well that is what they say...

GribbleGrunger3548d ago

for what's been copied, yes, but not for the copier.

morkendo233548d ago

old saying: if u cant beat em join em

dedicatedtogamers3548d ago

If Microsoft copies the Wii U, it will pave the way for Sony (or perhaps another outside non-gaming company) to become top dog again.

Mark my words: the Wii U is going to be a flash in the pan. Nintendo themselves ALREADY admitted "Wii U will not sell like the Wii". Hahah! The system isn't even out yet and they're accepting failure. There are a whole host of problems with the Wii U's design and philosophy, and if Microsoft copies it...

...well, two things: first, they're sink deeper into their "casual" hole they began digging with Kinect. Second, they'll lose marketshare, since Nintendo and Microsoft will be fighting over the "console/tablet crossbreed" market while Sony will likely continue catering to the traditional gamer.

--Onilink--3548d ago

mmm it would be foolish to think before time the Wii U will sell more, considering the incredible sales the Wii had.

Thats like saying the PS3 was a "flash in the pan" because the PS2 did WAY better...

dedicatedtogamers3548d ago

First things first, Nintendo THEMSELVES admitted that the Wii U would sell less than the Wii. It's quoted in the Game Informer magazine that did coverage on the E3 reveal, and I'm sure the quote is elsewhere.

Second of all, how in the world will the Wii U appeal to the masses that bought the Wii? It will likely be much more expensive than $250 (the Wii's launch price) and I can guarantee you that the Wii U controllers won't be the standard $50-55 price.

GribbleGrunger3548d ago

no it isn't. Nintendo did say what the poster above put up and the Wii-U isn't as kid friendly as the Wii. that controller isn't exactly small and it's as far as you can possibly get from the Wii. i think Nintendo have gone this direction because Sony have already released what you would consider the Wii2 with MOVE. the problem will arise again if Sony push for developers to make Wii-u games available on the Vita/PS3 combo. the advantage here is Sony's because there are already 60 million potential customers that would be able to get that experience cheaper simply by buying a Vita. the Wii-u will not be as cheap as a Vita we know that

--Onilink--3548d ago

yeah, they admitted it because it makes every sense in the world to do it, for the reasons you say, and probably more.

Just because they prefer to have a reserved opinion instead of assuming something so unlikely to happen, doesnt mean anything as to the quality of the product.

Again, it would be like saying that if MS says that they expect the next Xbox to sell about the same as the 360, then the console wouldnt be worth it...

And just because the Wii U sells less than the Wii would hardly make it a failure, otherwise every single Sony console would be a failure from now on, because its practically impossible on the current market for them to expect the type of succees they had with the PS2

ChickeyCantor3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )


Not entirely true.
While Sony is able to give an experience "alike". It's not really the same thing.

I don't think Nintendo is worried on that front.
Wii-U is rather dedicated. Else the Move would have made a huge impact on Nintendo and it didn't.

( and 250 for a vita just to play some games that support such feature, is not entirely "cheaper" is it? )

No company is going to admit that their product is going to sell terrible before it's even out.
Your logic just crumbles with every word.

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lionelglitchy3548d ago

"mark my words" who are you patcher in disguise

4logpc3548d ago

with the tablet craze, you never know. If they advertise it as a tablet from nintendo with mario...that could be big

dedicatedtogamers3548d ago

I don't buy into the "tablet craze". More like a "tablet slow burn". Tablets are popular, but not THAT popular. It's the mobile phones that are popular. Am I the only one who remembers iPad's launch? It was a fart, especially compared to the iPhone sales. Tablets still haven't taken off like the smartphones have.

4logpc3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

That is true, but it took smart phones awhile to take off. I used to work retail and I cant tell you, people want tablets, but they are not willing to pay the 400-500 dollar price. once they come down, people will go crazy (hp touchpad)

xCaptainAmazing3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Then the third man should take note and do the same. Odd man out is never a good idea from a development standpoint.

Regardless of whether or not you're on board with the concept, if two systems had the same controller they'd be more likely to get the most development consideration because of identical design and simple porting (depending on architecture of course).

yabhero3548d ago

If WiiU sells 85 million in its lifetime that would be amazing and not failure. However it is still 5 million less than the Wii. THE WIIU IS NOT APPEALING TO CASUALS. It's trying to be an all around system. Like app store and movies and stuff for casuals. Steam powered online and HD 2010 graphics. This Sony traditional gamer crap is pissing me off. The truth is a real gamer will go where the games are. Since WiiU will have the games gamers had to abandon for a better all around experience (like Mario and Zelda)with awesome graphics. Plus have games like Assassins creed, Batman, Cod, BF, Final fantasy,Elder Scrolls, Resident Evil REAL gamers will flock to the system. I'm seriously sick on people who want the same controllers as 1995... seriously. PPl say the WiiU is comfy and all the button are in reach. instead of being like " now creating dualshock 56... it plays the same a dual shock 3)

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Shackdaddy8363548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

It's going to eventually be copied one way or another.

gaming system + pad-type device + culture infused with ipads and kindles and apps = big $

camel_toad3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I really wish a console would finally break out with some VR. Forget 3D and forget swinging over the screen of a golfball on a tablet lying on the floor, I want to be IN my games.

AtomicGerbil3548d ago

"The current generation was the first to be introduced to motion controls" ??????

Pikajew3548d ago

That says the guy started gaming this gen

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