IGN: Five Sony Devs We Wish Worked on Xbox 360


"With its current roster of developers dedicated to the Xbox 360, Microsoft has more than enough exclusives to be proud of. We can't help but wonder, though: What else could the platform have gained from a few major buyouts or big deals? "

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Chaostar3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

"In our dreams, Naughty Dog pulls a Bungie, manages to weasel its way out of an exclusivity deal, and work on a new multiplatform title."

This guy writes 'professionally' for IGN yet doesn't understand that Naughty Dog is a Sony OWNED studio and not just part of an exclusivity deal?

"So, if you'll allow us to get selfish for a second, we want to see what this studio [Guerrilla Games] could do on OUR preferred platform."

Does this guy speak for the whole of IGN here?

GribbleGrunger3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

i don't think you've read that right. read it again and take in the first three words: 'in our dreams'.

and also note the headline:

'Five Sony Devs We Wish Worked on Xbox 360'

there's a huge clue in the word 'wish'.

i know that IGN have been pathetic with VITA coverage but people need to be more objective here.

LOGICWINS3548d ago

Meh..let them see what they want to see. In the end, IGN gets hits(money in their pocket) whether it be from loyal fans or whiners on the Internet.

edgeofblade3548d ago

Honestly, I haven't gotten the point of the Vita yet. So, I don't have an opinion on the Vita except that it hasn't made me want to buy one. Nothing has tickled my gadget whoring bone, so I'm still waiting for the device to be justified. But to be fair, I was waiting for that on the 3DS and it just recently was finally tickled... along with a precipitous price drop.

Chaostar3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

It may be dreams and wishes but he straight didn't get the facts right here, that was my only problem. Well, that and the obvious (but at least truthful) bias.

Your reply is quite patronising and condescending, if this weren't the internet I might have been offended.

Drekken3548d ago

I bet they would just love Guerrilla if they were producing games on the 360. There wouldn't be any of the nitpicking that goes on now.

KZ3 was a great game... It didn't get enough respect. Same with Resistance 3.

LOGICWINS3548d ago

"KZ3 was a great game... It didn't get enough respect."

I agree. It's arguably the best looking FPS on consoles and proves that the Move is MORE than a viable option for hardcore FPS titles.

tudors3548d ago

I disagree, I think KZ3 is overated, the Uncharted series is fantastic.

Acquiescence3548d ago

Aren't there enough multi-platform developers out there already? The console exclusive is becoming more and more rare with time and the last thing we need is a top-tier team like Naughty Dog forsaking exclusivity for the sake of a few extra sales.

Let there be exclusives; it's what keeps the competing platforms interesting.

dedicatedtogamers3548d ago

With its current roster of developers dedicated to the Xbox 360, Microsoft has more than enough exclusives to be proud of.

Current roster of developers?


IGN be trollin'. When the PS3 section of IGN is running articles like "is the Vita already dead?" and the 360 section is praising the "current roster" of 360 developers, you know that someone is on the take.

PshycoNinja3548d ago

Well their editor and chief used to write for the Official Xbox Magazine, so....

Disccordia3548d ago

To be fair, with the recent purchases and new start ups, Microsoft have only one studio (15) less than Sony (16).

PirateThom3548d ago

Shame most of them are stuck on Kinect and casual games. I can't imagine MGS Family or Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment are ever going to produce an "Uncharted" or "Killzone".

Quantity means nothing without quality...

Disccordia3548d ago

That is a fair and very correct point PT, but I was only responding to the 'MS has no studios' comment which is simply not true.

I know you of all people will not need to be reminded that Sony also have a number of family studios. Namely their largest, SCE London which has exclusively churned out casual titles for the PS3.

Anyway, I do not want to sound like I'm getting into a debate - especially with you whose posts I have enjoyed and respected over the years. I genuinely love both consoles and just like to post the facts.

Chaostar3548d ago

To be more accurate MS did not acquire proven studios they just opened up a few of their own. They may one day blossom into something if they can attract the right talent but that's not a certainty.

CGI-Quality3548d ago

Maybe, but they seriously trail Sony in 2nd Party devs (and that makes a huge difference).

OT: Well, no point in wishing. If you want to enjoy those dev's games, buy the system that those devs work on. All hoping/wishing/dreaming is useless.

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RaidensRising3548d ago

Ahh good to see paid journalist lowering themselves with these sorts of articles.


Coltrane_C3548d ago

WoW...The only person I rep over at IGN is Greg of them can go screw

MrWiggle3548d ago

Why would IGN do an article like this

I understand an Xbox 360 site but not IGN

Most of what they say about Microsoft is laughable and seems like they are sucking up to them. Add to the fact you have those anti PSV articles and that one article where Greg said it wasn't the year of the PS3 when it clearly was it's obvious they are 360 fanboys

I don't care what you say, I think they are paid by Microsoft when they think they need a boost. "Oh the PSV is out, time to get our check books out for the guys overs at IGN".......

Disccordia3548d ago

Look at the URL, it's the 360 'channel' on ign. If you feel they are biased (they certainly have spewed a lot of rubbish about the vita recently, for sure) then the people who work in the ps3 channel should really be better at their job.

Definitely a whiff of flamebait on this article though.

Double-D3548d ago

The thing is Greg and most of the other writters switch between the PS3 and 360 articles. I don't think they really have a system where you have Xbox 360 writters and PS3 writters.

I have to agree with MrWiggle though, it sure does seem like the only time IGN and other sites do the whole doom and gloom PS3 thing is when it's near a big event or something big has happened to Sony.

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