Super Mario RPG Retro Review (Empty Lifebar)

"The era of the Super Nintendo has had its fair share of memorable games. The 16-bit console that hit US stores in 1991 spawned such Nintendo staples as the Donkey Kong Country series and Starfox series. Veteran gamers can look back at the SNES and remember the hours they spent playing Chrono Trigger, Kirby Super Star,and Final Fantasy III. Of course, any gamer worth his control pad would not forget Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart, the former of which selling over 20 million copies word wide and earning itself a its own cartoon spin-off. Of all the Mario games released on the SNES though, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Starsh as earned itself a legendary status among fans."

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TheGreatGazoo3550d ago

Slap slap -hand grows- SLAP

Captain Qwark 93550d ago

one of the best rpgs ever created

despair3550d ago

one of my favorite games of all time, truly impressive.

Raichu503550d ago

Most memorable moment for me was Bowser's weapon where you throw mario

Instigator3549d ago

Downloaded this on VC 3 weeks ago along with Secret of Mana and Phantasy Star, but still haven't played it. This review and your comments just got me more hyped.