Battlefield 3 Glitches Into 3rd Person

We have seen some unique glitches in the time Battlefield 3 has been out, one for example is the Invincibility Glitch however now we seem to have found another one which is much cooler.

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Hufandpuf3549d ago

Imagine no HUD in 3rd person on hardcore mode. Profit.

omi25p3549d ago

I want this almost as much as DinoMode.

Tdmd3549d ago

Ah... wish this was a 3rd person shooter!

Jdub895O3549d ago

Camera looked better than Socom 4!

chasegarcia3549d ago

I want 3rd person battlefield :-(

LoaMcLoa3549d ago

Isn't Battlefield Heroes 3rd-person?

trenso13549d ago

I wouldn't mind a 3rd person mode for battlefield it looks fun

sovietsoldier3549d ago

this is one glitch they should have included, wouldn't hurt much but make knifing almost impossible. 3rd person servers would be a nice addition.

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The story is too old to be commented.