Consumer Electronics Show 2012: The Wave of the Future

Take a look at what we expect to see from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

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morkendo232566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Read in todays "SEATTLE TIMES" steve ballmer @ CES mention microsoft will no longer attend CES and E3 why??? article did not go into detail.
in other news:
WINDOWS 8 apps will be added to the 720 ...

SignifiedSix2566d ago

Microsoft will no longer attend CES because they don't think that this time of the year is right to announce big things or something like that... heard that on the news. I didn't hear anything about E3 though.

BatRastered2565d ago

Microsoft isn't going to CES anymore after this year. There was very little gaming related in their booth (just the "House Party" XBLA games and Kinect) the rest was windows phone and tablets running win8.

Nintendo hasn't been to CES since E3 was started, so you'll hear nothing from them.

Sony has a huge booth, but it's mostly TVs and such. There's a fair amount of Vita there though.