Battlefield 3 - Old School Tips for Noobs

I am a relative newcomer to the Battlefield series as I have generally just been playing Call of Duty as my goto FPS game. That's changed as I've recently started to play and become hooked to Battlefield 3. It's a great game. I must admit though, coming from a Call of Duty background didn't help much other than being able to target and shoot the enemy quickly. I soon realized that shooting people is just a small part of the game.

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trenso13540d ago

pretty simple stuff, but im sure the game will get better as time goes on and people are more familair with the game.

GamerVets3540d ago

Yeah it's pretty basic and common sense stuff but you'd be surprised how many people don't do the basics. :)

trenso13540d ago

yea its ridiculous ive wasted so much time jumping and yelling for ammo.

leogets3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

The smurfs always seem to be the dumbest to dish out ammo or meds when requested.many a death ive encounted just following idiots that just wont get it that u want something from them.if they die before me ill nick their kit,sort meself out then swap back.

scrambles3540d ago

we are all the smurfs. Each and everyone of us are equally at fault for not doin teamwork when we're not paying attention. Its a fact of life. Some more than others but... DEAL WITH IT!