BioShock Infinite inspired by Uncharted series

The Uncharted series was a point of inspiration for BioShock Infinite, says creator Ken Levine – particularly in its fusion of writing and acting.

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StrongMan3548d ago

Uncharted should inspire all games.

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LOGICWINS3548d ago

Not all games are action/adventure games. So how could Uncharted inspire say...a racing game?

ZombieAssassin3548d ago

Quality and dedication to detail.

vickers5003548d ago


That's not really exclusive to Uncharted 3 though. I think what LOGICWINS means, is what can Uncharted 3 specifically inspire in a racing game?

Maybe cinematic races, sort of like Motorstorm Apocalypse?

Bioshocking3548d ago

How can Uncharted inspire a racing game?



nveenio3548d ago

Do us a favor and name one other game with Uncharted 3's production values.

jrbeerman113548d ago


Vickers was just interpreting what he thought Logicwins was trying to say. Your argument is with Logicwins.

All Vickers really said is that there are other quality games out there.

and to answer your question inveni0 is no game has surpassed uncharted's production value. Arkham City is right there with them though.

PhantomT14123547d ago

lol, it's funny because at the game designing school I'm studying we had exactly an exercise like that^^

vickers5003547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )


God of War 3.

And jesus christ, all I said was that Uncharted 3 isn't the only quality game with dedication to detail. If you honestly believe it is, then sorry, but you're either an idiot, or you haven't played very many games.

Having good production values isn't something that is exclusive to Uncharted 3. Uncharted 3 didn't invent good production values, and while they are probably the best out there right now, they aren't LIGHT YEARS ahead of something like God of War 3's production values and cinematic gameplay.

What I was saying that Uncharted 3 could specifically inspire in a racing game, was something like Motorstorm Apocalypse has: high production values and a very cinematic experience whilst driving on a track that's constantly changing (like motorstorm apocalypse).

High production values by themselves can be inspired from any game that has high production values (metal gear solid 4, god of war 3, etc).

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Bioshocking3548d ago

I love Uncharted....

I also love a certain other game if you get the name

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StraightPath3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Batman Arkham City said hello to Uncharted. Batman Arkham City has surpassed Uncharted series with one game.

milohighclub3547d ago

No it hasn't...and to the guys above on about linearity....gears is crazy linear.

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KILLERAPP3548d ago

Uncharted 2 set a new standard in story telling. Now everyone wants to achieve the same level. This like the new Tom Raider game want to achieve the same level of story telling and for gamers like us is going to be awesome...

LOGICWINS3548d ago

"Uncharted 2 set a new standard in story telling."

And quickly dethroned by Mass Effect 2. What Uncharted 2 excelled at was more about pacing(conversations between characters flow naturally) than actual storytelling. Uncharted stories are good, but not as deep as that of ME2...or even other PS3 exclusives like Yakuza 4.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33548d ago

That's his opinion, but I don't find the UC series stories on the level of Bioshock or MGS, it's not even close. But I do think the delivery of the dialogue is one of the best, if not the best, in doing its purpose in story telling. Plot =/= storytelling

kneon3548d ago

The ME2 story wasn't particularly deep, and adding lots of side missions that have little to no impact doesn't make it deep either. The main story is pretty straight forward but they add in lots of filler missions to make it seem bigger.

And it was at least as linear as Uncharted. You can pick which mission to do next but almost every mission is incredibly linear.

LOGICWINS3548d ago

"The ME2 story wasn't particularly deep"


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Burackus3548d ago

If it was dethroned by ME2 then why didn't he use it for inspiration since it's so much better?........... Because it not, there is your logic sir!

miyamoto3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

wii U mad?!

Uncharted 2's storytelling is so integrated in every element & facet of the game.

IMHO Mass Effect 2's story telling in my opinion is too boring compared to Uncharted 2 witty & humorous dialogue type story telling-that is how they did it during game play and cut scenes.

There is no accounting for taste, but ME2 story telling is for book worm nerds because it took itself to seriously. In Uncharted 2 we got the plot so easily via character interaction. In fact I have reason to believe Portal 2's humorous feel was inspired by Uncharted 2.

"Well, it’s mainly about the way Naughty Dog are able to fuse writing with great acting to create subtle, believable characters." - Kevin Levine

Bioshocking3548d ago

Mass Effect 2 was not really a great story.... but it was great characterization, and the fact the choices you made had a greater effect.

To me Uncharted has a better story... I mean after Uncharted 3 I started learning about T.E Lawrence in world history....

And Last year I did a project based on Marco Polo

I mean... I learned stuff from Uncharted

Not about the Reapers and the Proteans...

jrbeerman113547d ago

Portal 2 did not get humor from uncharted, im sure they got it from portal 1. And they already infused humor in prior games such as team fortress.

Uncharted has become the tim tebow of videogames, you cant even discuss it without rampant disagrees. And everyone thinks it invented everything. I mean theres a ton of people that think tomb raider is ripping off uncharted in another thread.

I love uncharted much like most people but, man they werent kidding when they say "love is blind".

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scrambles3547d ago

O wow UC2 never set a bar for story telling unless that bar has been set so low due to lack of good story games most people had been play for YEARS. I played it and it wasnt even close to bar setting status.

Thatguy-3103548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Uncharted series has inspired devs to develop more cinematic experiences. However I think that no one has top them because of the brilliant way they tackle down a story same thing goes for irrational games. Bioshock was a unique gem that brought a fiction atmosphere to life. Can't wait for infinte !!!! (Excluding Drake deception)

Nac3548d ago

What's wrong with drakes deception?

Thatguy-3103548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Don't think it tackled the story as smart as Among thieves did. In fact to this day don't even see how the quest for the lost city was brought up. From what I got from the story was that Nathan was just curious about the expedition that sir Francis went through and why he took longer than what he should have. -_- where as among thieves. Drake is ask by his friend (flynn) to brake into a museum in order to retrieve and artifact that his client is looking for. Drake finds out about lost treasure helps him, gets betrayed and well the rest is history :) The whole first half of the game was a flashback that was done geniusely not like the 20 min. Flash back that occured in Drake deception which just showed how sully MET Drake.

@ logicwins

Among thieves does have your typical action story but its just told in an amazing way through the characters that you grow to love as the game progresses. Good set pieces, great character development, typical movie clitches, phenomenal voice action puts it above most games out there. It's just the whole package. Mass effect has a good story that's deep but it lacks the other things that the uncharted series has.

Chitown712913548d ago

@dboyc310: dude I don't think you were paying attention lol. Thats why they were in the library at the beginning , when they got T.E Lawrence notebook, and found out the secret to Drake's voyage to the Atlantis of the desert

Nac3548d ago

I didn't even see it being about Iram as much as it was legacy. Drake was struggling with who he was based on who he wanted to be, putting importance in names and trinkets. It wasn't until the end that he realized that it is the actions of oneself as well as the people in our lives that drive the concept of identify, not the name we have. Marlow is what guided him to iram, his "pride" to stop her is what drove him, he would have followed her anywhere. I have to say I like UC3 more than UC2 because it was a deeper story, not about a hero stopping the "bad guy," but what makes a man really a man.

milohighclub3547d ago

I love how people have different takes on the story, people say its linear but yet people are still managing to have different experiences.

It's such a great series, my favourite since back I played the first 4 sonic games.

SoapShoes3548d ago

@dboy... What?! I understood the story just fine, I don't know how you didn't. It was my favorite story so far. For me it goes Uc3 > Uc1 >Uc2. Uc2 had a great story but I think it took too long to take off compared to 1 & 3.

Thatguy-3103548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

96 META CRITIC, SPIKE GOTY plus hundreds more, and the fact that until this day people/journalist and even devs still talk about it just goes to show how Among Thieves is the pinnacle of the series. Where is all the rave about Drake deception O.o because I truly don't see it.

SoapShoes3548d ago

You can twist logic to favor your opinion anyway you want but hiding behind a metacritic number is foolish. In case you haven't noticed Uc3 has 100+ perfect reviews, just as many as Uc2. In fact if you had bothered to read the reviews a lot of them said Uc3 was the best Uncharted yet but rated it lower. As for goty awards, Uc3 won gametrailer's goty while Uc2 did not.

3548d ago
The_Abbad3548d ago

dboy are you being serious or are you just trolling lol.

A-Glorious-Dawn3548d ago

I felt much more interested in uc3's story than uc2, and I agree that while uc2 had much better gameplay, the story in 1 felt more intriguing.

The story is subjective though and all three are good enough that there will be many differences in opinion.

Technically uncharted 3 is superior to the others.

SoapShoes3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

@Thatguy - Soooo I speak for all gamers now, huh? You give me too much credit. Their award mattered as much as the Spike's GOTY award which is really zip. I don't consider either to matter any and I just put that in there since he thought talking about Spike somehow made everyone in the world agreeing with him(LOL).

You can disagree with the facts all you want but it's true what I said. I find it funny how you try to attack one thing I said but not the real meat of the discussion.

It happened all last year actually. LBP2, Resistance 3, Gears 3, Uncharted 3 all were claimed as "best of the series" by many reviews yet they got scored lower. So the number really means squat when dealing with which was more well received by critics.

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sparta763548d ago

I think someone didn't play Drakes deception ;)

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