Kotaku: The Country That Shut Down Xbox Live for Kids


"Every night across the globe, kids log into Xbox Live and game online. They should be studying or sleeping, but they're gaming. Except in South Korea."

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C_Menz3541d ago

It's strange how different some countries are if you aren't aware. I never knew South Korea did things like this, I knew that they had a large gaming crowd but nothing as far as forcing kids to go to bed rather than play games.

gamingdroid3541d ago

... and that about sums up the world. Essentially ignorant!

Not to pick on C_Menz, because frankly I didn't know either about South Korea, but I do know the freedom I enjoy isn't available in the rest of the world. I expected something like this from China....

ikkokucrisis3541d ago

I hear in Singapore you will get arrested for chewing bubble gum or for littering.

Their president even told everyone to drink less imported bubble tea to help boost their economy!

specialguest3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

S.Korean society is different than the west, so this may not be as bad from their perspective. Some may say let parents be parents and govern their own kids play time, yet in the west we are still a society with the most spoiled back talking kids in the world.

gamingdroid3541d ago

Spoiled back talking kids is an issue, but the one thing I do notice is that western society tends to favor "child self discovery", while Asian tends to focus on parents making the choices.

Back in my college days at a rather prestigious college, I met numerous "Asian" students (I'm Asian myself), that hated what they studied, was miserable and chose it simply because the parents thought it was a great field to be in.

Can you imagine being essentially forced into a field you hate for the rest of your life?

Point being, I haven't seen a culture without problems, but I do value choices!

specialguest3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

I'm Asian myself, but my parents were more "liberal" in terms of this issue. However, I do have many Asian friends who were heavily pressured to follow the path set for them by their parents like the medical field. One friend had high expectations from his parents to follow his older siblings into the medical field. He succeed with this field, but was miserable. During his later college/grad school years and he finally broke out of the cycle to followed his true dreams.

yewles13541d ago

Old news, they do this for PSN and other stuff as well. Apparently internet addiction is a serious problem over there and the country needs some curfews.

SnakeCQC3541d ago

its a problem in the west but no one cares but to think about it if they shut off the internet i would so be at the helm of the revolution lol

kingPoS3541d ago

Addiction comes comes many different forms. I think that when you find yourself surrounded by technology & an incredible data throughput.
Many find that 1 more can easily turn into many more.