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Armored Core V promises players not only a brand-new campaign with huge, violent mechs, but also a persistent online world in which teams can fight over territories. Think Risk, only with huge robots blasting each other apart.

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ThichQuangDuck2535d ago

This looks and sounds amazing, I have been waiting on an amazing mech game for a while.

Captain Qwark 92535d ago

hell yes it does. as much as i loved ac4 and answer, nothing beats master of arena or another age. this one reminds me a lot of those two, cannot wait.

all i hope for is about 50 single player missions and at least 100 arena opponents in addition to the online. ( nobody played AC4 online and i dont think this will be any different, hopefully im wrong though )

ThichQuangDuck2535d ago

This will be the first one I am getting just started wanting a mech game last year, then looked into it and seemed waiting for this was my best bet. Very excited for a unique multiplayer, I can guarantee I will be playing it online

Captain Qwark 92535d ago

you cant go wrong with armored core man, been playing these since the first on ps1. their biggest appeal is obviously the customization and mobility. the only problem is AC will ruin all other mech games for you lol once you play these trying to go back to limited customization just doesnt work :/