Alan Wake's American Nightmare and the Future of Digital Distribution [IncGamers]

IncGamers:Remedy Games' EVP, Avi Jarvilehto talks us through the new horrors and the download future.

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disturbing_flame3549d ago

I don't see this game like an Alan Wake 2.

I' m sad Remedy didn't developed a true new episode.

sGIBMBR3549d ago

This isn't Alan Wake 2 I don't think, could be wrong though.

I also don't like digital distribution :(

disturbing_flame3549d ago

Yes i know, it's just some content add to the original story. To the original story really ? In fact i don't really know.

I don't want to make statements right now because i know nothing of this game but i'm disapointed that it focuses more on gameplay with it's arcade mode.

Alan wake is very narrative, i would have prefered a story linked to the first one and a real new game.

sGIBMBR3549d ago

I agree totally, and despite the fact they are going in the opposite direction to what I would've liked I still think I will download this game.

The original Alan Wake was one of my favorites this gen but did have it's flaws, and I don't see this game resolving them.

Here's hoping to a true Alan Wake sequel in the future. I hope the PC version does well, it deserves to sell.

StrongMan3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

What I want to know is will this be a full game or just a 2 or 3 hour arcade game?

MadMax3549d ago

i want a full game, disc, case, artwork and all! none of this digital download nonsense. i like something i can feel, haha.