DoctorXpro4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

I'm very disappointed whit MW3, I never wanted to say but I think Treyarch its the only ones who can make a dicent CoD, MW3 map design is bad, very bad the maps are so small, players are scare to move that why camping happens...

aviator1894513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

I actually agree with you. Infinity Ward isn't the same anymore, seeing as how the two heads and all senior programmer and developers left. Treyarch really is the only studio left that has good history and experience with CoD titles.

FinaLXiii4513d ago

dude just forget the CoD franchise more disapointments are on the way.

Grip4513d ago

every year i see this kind of talk.IW is better or Treyarch is gonna make better COD blah blah blah.. u just can't see it?? it's all the same expect the themes and maps

Mastarace4513d ago

IW is not there anymore so MW3 has nothing to do with them. Treyarch is basically now the leader since new guys are on the mw series.

GraveLord4513d ago

I felt the same way the first few weeks.
Once you get to know the maps and know your way around it is very fun. Play with friends and have fun. Its a great game.

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WildStyles4513d ago ShowReplies(1)
fooxy4513d ago

IW or Treyarch... copy paste on the same engine every year probably for the next 2 years

BeaArthur4513d ago

Rinse and repeat at its best.

Virtual_Reality4513d ago

Since 2007 they been using the same engine (old engine of 1999), just with minor tweaks on each COD.

Since COD 4, then it went to downhill.

joeyisback4513d ago

ive always liked treyarch call of dutys better

lugia 40004513d ago

They copy paste the call of duty black ops folder on their PC, and that gives call of duty black ops (2)

While they copy paste, millions of dumb kids cut and paste money to them. Lolz.

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Activision team is opening a new game studio in Poland 'Elsewhere Entertainment' to build new AAA IP

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Psychonaut851d 8h ago

They’re not working on Call of Duty? Give it time.