Sony sells 3.9 million PS3s between November to December

GB : Sony has just mentioned that they have sold a whopping 3.9 million PS3s between November to December. They are on target to reach their 15 million PS3 sales project for this fiscal year. It is indeed a splendid performance, as the price drop to $250 would have no doubt helped them as well.

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tarbis3549d ago

Pretty good numbers for Sony.

NeoBasch3549d ago

3.9 million for PS3
1.6 million for PSP
0.5 million for PS2

I'd say these are more than pretty good. They're on a roll. They'll easily make their 15 million mark by the end of the fiscal year. Impressive job. It'll be interesting to see Sony's NPD numbers to see how much America accounts in those sales.

fear883549d ago


Sony is doing very well and I am happy that they are moving units and software.

Whats most important, at least to me, is that they continue to provide quality exclusive software in vast amounts. That keeps me happy as a gamer.

insomnium23549d ago

To me these numbers are outstanding. Are there any numbers for other platforms or something for comparison? It would be interesting.

darthv723549d ago

in general sold very well this holiday season. With the list of great games from the current to the back catalog, there will be plenty of happy consumers.

Tommykrem3549d ago

What's really impressive is the PS2 numbers. I almost doubt any console will ever sell so many units that late in its life cycle. I mean, what is it? Twelve years now?

sikbeta3549d ago

Congrats to Sony, lets see what they can do for Vita though...

RyuCloudStrife3549d ago

Long Live Play brother, Long Live Play!!

Strikepackage Bravo3549d ago


I think 360 sold around 1.7 million in November, USA alone, estimates are around 2.7 mill for December, USA alone. Expect 360 sales to annihilate Ps3 sales World Wide, and that story will not be top of the front page on N4G.

SilentNegotiator3549d ago

Where are those people that said Sony didn't report Black Friday sales because they were bad? Huh? Where are they now?

_Aarix_3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )


Balmer said himself that the 360 was the best selling console of 2011 WORLDWIDE. And since you cant lie about it legally then it is of course, true.

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MurDocINC3549d ago

I'm a sucker that bought 2 move bundles! Kids had great christmas. :D

tarbis3549d ago

I still have yet to buy my 2nd one, navigator and sharpshooter. I blame my PSV for delaying my purchase. XD

moparful993549d ago

I have two move wands.. I've had every intention of buying at least 1 navigation controller and the sharpshooter just never got around to doing it.. Vita isn't helping that cause either lol.. When all is said and done i'm spending close to $500 on my vita lol...

BitbyDeath3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I've got 4 move controllers.
Frisbee golf is still one of my favourite casual games.

Hozi3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Man, why couldn't I be one of your kids...I want a Move!!! s///

These are truly impressive number for SONY. I'm happy as ever knowing that the PS brand is constantly producing top notch quality exclusives in vast quantities.
Keep it up SONY!!!

SamPao3549d ago

I got a sharpshooter! friend gave me a present, in there was a sharpshooter and a navigation controller!!! :D

morganfell3549d ago

I have three PS3s in the house (two 360s). I bought the Sharpshooter (kicks ass in Killzone 3 when you get it tweaked), two Moves, two Navigators, and two charging stations. The extra charging station I should have left alone because one Move and one Nav have the silicone sleeves and with those will not fit in the charging station.

Why o why3549d ago

am i the only one who has buzz here... yous lot are too hard core;)

BitbyDeath3549d ago

@why o why,
No i have buzz as well.
Got 8 controllers for it and often get it out when friends or family come around.
Everyone loves a bit of buzz.

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gaden_malak3549d ago

All it takes is one article to set the truth to these stupid Sony is doomed articles.

Does anyone have to Wii and 360 numbers for comparison?

SuperStrokey11233549d ago

I hope that all of the consoles did very well. It would be interesting to see all the numbers though i agree.

hazardman3549d ago

I don't know the wii or xbox 360 numbers but I know MS did very well over the holidays as well.

Soplox3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Wii 3.5 Millions in US only
3DS 4 Millions in US only
IDK about XBOX 360
But I think those Numbers were for the whole year so IDK

ramon_v3549d ago

well according to this article on Joystiq, 10 Million XBox 360's were sold during this past holiday (late Oct to present).

Gamer19823548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

@ramon_v thThat article combines 360 and Kinect sales.I think after christmas PS3 has finally caught upto 360. In terms of sales anyway..

Kurylo3d3548d ago


No that article doesnt combine 360 and kinnect sales.. it says straight out that it sold 10 million consoles... and then it says kinnect is up to 18 million units as well so far.

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MikeGdaGod3549d ago

i helped a lil bit....i couldn't resist that Black Friday $200 bundle from Best Buy

moparful993549d ago

I got mine at gamestop:)
Can't shake a stick at that deal!

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disturbing_flame3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

These are solid numbers and well deserved.

In 2012 PS3 have great titles to offer to gamers. Sony did a really great job by still giving to the core base the attention they wait for.

PS Vita looks like a really fine device.

Sony is doing the job.

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Dowie3549d ago

wow...solid numbers.

Good job sony.

OC_MurphysLaw3549d ago

Those are excellent holiday numbers for Sony. Clearly their price cut has had a positive effect. I wonder how the uncharted bundle did? I would imagine it was their best selling sku once launched...

moparful993549d ago

Something tells me that the $199 bundle that came with ratchet and clank all 4 one and little big planet 2 was the dominant sku on black friday:)
Ps I bought one!! lol