Alan Wake's American Nightmare, I Am Alive part of XBLA's 'House Party 2012'

Microsoft is set to throw another House Party in 2012. In attendance will be Alan Wake's American Nightmare, EA's Warp, Nexuiz and the long-awaited I Am Alive.

The trailer for the XBLA House Party promotion, which was apparently posted by accident, does not reveal any release dates. Out best guesstimate, if history serves, would be late February like last time. We've contacted Microsoft for launch details

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OC_MurphysLaw3548d ago

Alan Wake and I am Alive are two I am pretty interested in. Nexius feels a bit "Unreal Tournment" like from what I saw there. Not really my bag but it could be fun kinda like Monday Night Combat was. Warp on the surface looked like it could be interesting... but I need to learn more before I get excited for that.

I think I am Alive has my interest the most though... Just wondering if its utter crap or a gem given its change in direction from full box to download only.

Rampaged Death3548d ago

What a stellar line-up that puts last years summer of arcade to shame !