CVG - Amy Review

Remember that amazing bit in Shaun of the Dead where the team zombie-up and shuffle past the undead? Hilarious, tense, brilliant. Amy is nothing like that.

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Kran3550d ago

Hmmmm... now i'm debating getting this... This was a definite buy from me but now i'm not sure. Ill see what other reviews say...

3550d ago
Tanir3550d ago

game never looked good, people just hoped it would be good

Kran3550d ago

But you can say that about half the games that are released, and then half of the half of the games that don't look good end up looking good...

ummm did I make sense?

Seventh_Blood_Reborn3550d ago

With all the lack of survival horror games this is a wasted opportunity, what a shame.

JellyJelly3550d ago

I thought it looked good but I might wait for I Am Alive, which also looks very interesting.

tigertron3550d ago

It looked promising but this doesn't look terribly good. I'm not one to go by reviews, but the video did show some issues.

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The story is too old to be commented.