EA "nerfed" Dead Space 2 despite player expectations

OXM UK: "Visceral puzzles were originally 'harder, longer and more complicated'.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3545d ago

But everybody loves EA now, so it's ok. Remember, we hate on Activision right now. That's the flavor for now.

In other news, would be nice if they made some kind of patch, to patch the game to the real way it was supposed to be.

gamingdroid3545d ago

I'm surprised we love EA so much now that we are willing to accept Online Passes.....

BraveToaster3545d ago

Why would anyone love EA? Or any big corporation for that matter...

enfestid3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Why do I believe it's past tense? Well, let's look at some recent releases from EA's internal studios (roughly the last five years):
- Dead Space (88% aggregate)
- Dead Space 2 (89% aggregate)
- Battlefield 3 (85% aggregate)
- Medal of Honor (75% aggregate)
- Dante's Inferno (75% aggregate)
- Dragon Age (88% aggregate)
- Dragon Age II (78% aggregate)
- Mass Effect (90% aggregate)
- Mass Effect 2 (94% aggregate)
- Army of Two (74% aggregate)
- Army of Two: The 40th Day (74% aggregate)
- Spore (84%)

Again, this is not taking into account games they publish from partnering developers. And, notably, these are all brand new franchises with the exception of Medal of Honor and Battlefield.

The only major misfire I can think of is Command & Conquer 4 (64% aggregate). If you think consistently scoring above 75% is not quality, you're insane.

So, yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say you're insane. (Edit: meant to respond to post below this.)

enfestid3545d ago

Are you being serious? It's not the "flavor for now." People used to hate EA because they milked their franchises without making sure of quality. Now they've made new franchises (like Mirror's Edge, Dead Space and Mass Effect) and almost all their sequels are pretty high quality.

Activision, meanwhile, has ruined more franchises than it has nurtured. And Call of Duty seems to be headed down that same path. They have few new franchises, and their money-maker is churning out Call of Duty and relying on Blizzard to bring in the dough from World of Warcraft.

BraveToaster3545d ago

"People used to hate EA because they milked their franchises without making sure of quality."
Why are you using past tense?

JaredH3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Every game developer cuts things from their game based on feedback from playtests, time constraints or ideas that are too involving, outlandish or don't work. Just like how Super Mario Galaxy 2 is all just a bunch of ideas that were tossed around during the first games development and there was no time to do them. Just like how the Atlantis level was cut from God of War.

The guys scope for the Transformers game he wanted to make for the psp was too big for the game to even run. Instead of cutting things he should of thought of new ideas that were coherent and would have worked with the resources available to him.

Dead Space 2 was a great game and universally praised and people are only mad now because they hear that they cut things to make it coherent and keep the pacing. 3 people out of 10 had troubles on a puzzle with play testing so they made it easier so the pacing was the same for everyone...

The title of the article is just to get hits and idk if you even read it. I don't get why EA should be hated because of this. Ya maybe they should for online passes and things like that but for fine tuning a game like every developer out there does?

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Venjense3545d ago

I still can't believe they wasted resources on MP deathmatch.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn3545d ago

This is why I am always against MP in every game, not every game have to have it.
In some games the MP just don' t make sense, in some games is a forcing.

This result was expected. Glad I borrowed DS2 instead of buying it.

FinaLXiii3545d ago

publishers will always try to make devs look bad.

Daver3545d ago

Make dead space 3 in 3D it gonna be fantastic.

M-Easy3545d ago

Oh hell yeah that will be sweet.

tigertron3545d ago

I don't care what anyone says, DS2 was fantastic and it was the perfect blend of horror and action. If you call that "nerfing" then god help you. It was my joint GOTY 2011.

bebojet3545d ago

I couldn't agree with you more.

enfestid3545d ago

Co-sign. Dead Space 2 is amazing, and easily a GOTY contender that people are forgetting. I think the puzzles were the perfect difficulty. They were on par with Half-Life 2's puzzle difficulty.

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