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currierox says: "The tower defence genre is something that I haven’t really had much association with. I’m the kind of guy who likes to see progression in my story and characters, so the tower defence model of minimal narrative elements and mechanical gameplay has always sounded rather bland and repetitive. Dungeon Defenders is here to challenge my pre-conceptions. Will it succeed? Or should it have remained on the “do not touch with a barge pole” pile?"

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itsralf3548d ago

it's spelled "defense"

currierox3548d ago

I initially spelled it as defense before hitting spell check but if you check the dictionary, both are valid spellings.

World English Dictionary
defence or defense (dɪˈfɛns)

— n
1. resistance against danger, attack, or harm; protection
2. a person or thing that provides such resistance
3. a plea, essay, speech, etc, in support of something; vindication; justification