PS Vita to get biggest SCEE Ad campaign ever executed

Sony is planning a large promotion and advertising push for the PlayStation Vita in the lead up to its launch, starting with the Vita room events in Manchester, Glasgow and London.

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waltyftm3541d ago

Good to hear, the more people that see the power of this little beauty the better.

GribbleGrunger3541d ago

and it might go some way to offset all the crap we've been seeing of late

T9003541d ago

More advertisement just means they will need to find more ways to cover all the costs from the consumer.

andibandit3541d ago

hmm, does this mean theyll spend 100$ on advertising instead of the usual 50 bucks?

waltyftm3541d ago

Woah lad, more like $75, they ain't made of money.

RedDead3541d ago

yeah good to hear, there advertising is usually quite weak. I would love to see Vita all over the place

MasterCornholio3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Yep I agree with Sony they have to market the Vita a lot if they want to sell it. But please Sony don't do it in a stupid manner like Nintendo with the Ads at launch or the Vitas ads in Japan.

Be proud of your handheld and show it off in front of the public. Once they see how amazing it is they will bite.


paddystan3541d ago

Im getting the Vita on day 1!

Les-Grossman3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

If Sony was smart they would get a Vita ad during the Superbowl. But they probably wont want to pay the money for it

Goozex3541d ago

Pre ordered from amazon but have to wait tillthe 28th. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.