Capcom hints at a Street Figter x Tekken surprise this Friday

DSOGaming writes: "Great news for Street Figter x Tekken fans, as Yoshinori Ono tweeted that Capcom will be live-streaming SFxT on January 13th. Great news, right? Well, here is something even more interesting. According to Ono, a new feature will be unveiled in this live-streaming."

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waltyftm3545d ago

Being able to fight alongside/against PS3 users online using the PS Vita would be an amazing feature, i wonder what it could be.

john23545d ago

My dream would be a cross-platform feature between PS3, X360 and PC. I live for that day!

Venox20083545d ago

I would like that they announced 3DS version, SSFIV is great on 3DS

Hyperbomb693545d ago

Honestly I havent been THAT surprised with this game. Its basically SF4 with new mechanics, but the thing that really pisses me off about them is that theyre just recycling the Street Fighter characters, all teh characters people wanted in the game dont look like theyre gonna make this one. Abel,Rufus,Sagat,Cammy,Abel,Za ngief,Ryu,Chun,Ken,Ibuki all recycled characters from SF4. Theres a few things they did that im pleased with like adding Hugo and Poison. I hope theyre done adding the SF4 characters because we need some Third Strike in there and Im really hoping for Alex.

soundslike3545d ago

well I agree in one sense that I would like Ono to make a fighting game with NEW CHARACTERS and only new characters

that said

the mechanics in sfxt seem like they'll make online casual play pretty interesting

rizzo-rizzo3545d ago

I gotta agree with Hyperbomb.. knowing todays Capcom. It will be just another Street Fighter 4 2013 with more DLC's. We all like SF4 but you can't deny how old & boring it quickly became. The big surprise to me is that a titled Tekken game is coming to PC & it's not even made by Namco.

I'm still waiting on the Tekken x Street Fighter surprise, not this.

Robotronfiend3544d ago

They already announced DLC. There will be gem packs you can purchase as DLC.

As if DLC from Capcom could ever be a surprise. ;-)

KrimsonKody3544d ago

I hope Capcom does'nt go the "Super Hyper, Edition + alpha" route with these games (SFvsT & TvsSF).
It would be a bit refreshing to simply get one 'completed' game from Capcom.
Trust me, I love DLC, when it's done right.
It's becoming so exhausting & predictable when your 3-5 hours into your new game & cross across "features that can be unlocked via PSN".
Makes you wonder; if it's made & done, WHY isn't it included?

As for the new feature; it's probably not anything Vita related, since the game is multiplat.

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