Angry Joe's Top 10 Worst Games of 2011

This is it! The Top 10 WORST Games of 2011! These are the games that pissed Angry Joe off the most off this year.

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acemonkey3549d ago

had fun with green lantern.....and nobody made him play tho it.....

Brink havent played but its 17dollors new

xPhearR3dx3549d ago

I got it for $5 new from Best Buy during the holidays. Not sure why so many people hate it, unless they fixed what ever was wrong with it. It takes some getting use it, but I'm enjoying it.

SilentNegotiator3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"had fun with green lantern.....and nobody made him play tho it..... "

Yeah, nobody MAKES reviewers play games.

Angry Joe is about as funny as the Big Bang series times ten! (interesting fact: 0 times 10 is still zero)

SilentNegotiator3549d ago

I meant "Big Bang Theory", that unfunny show.

acemonkey3548d ago

im taking that ur a huge angry joe fan and on his me his some random guy posting videos on review games and movies......most of his reviews on games i disagree and movies also..... and far as saying his funny its your opinion just like his opinion on the chill with CAPS....

SilentNegotiator3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

First of all, "caps"? Really? I made ONE word all caps because this site doesn't offer the use of italics. I have to emphasize somehow.

Second of that really what you got out of my comment? I really hope English is not your first language because I made it pretty clear that I didn't think Angry Joe was funny in the slightest.