GTA 5: Why It Will Benefit From Rockstar's Previous Games

Rockstar's previous games can tell us a lot about the future of GTA 5. NowGamer looks back atthe studio's legacy to predict what lies ahead for the biggest GTA yet.

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bahabeast3545d ago

i want it i paid $110 for gta 4 when it launched and was kinda disappointed, but seeing how saints row is such a good game and rockstar is rockstar im lookin forward 2 a good game.

t0mmyb0y3545d ago

Why/How did you pay so much lol?

bahabeast3545d ago

im from bahamas new releases cost $110 at that time hey are $85 now

t0mmyb0y3545d ago

I loved and played the sh!t out of GTA4. Can't wait for V.