Sony PS Vita Review

The Sony PS Vita is the long-awaited follow-up to the flawed PlayStation Portable gaming handheld, adding a touchscreen and quadcore power

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MmaFan-Qc3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

wait, the negative point they give to it is : "too expensive"?


how is it expensive? i could understand if you live in somalia.....but 250$ is "expensive" for this kind of device and what it contain?

yeah right, continue to take your 5-6$ coffee at starbucks and in same time whine about the psvita price.

this is ridiculous.

KonaBro3549d ago

this is the same gaming media who hailed the Vita for only being $250 just a few months ago. Now that the 3DS dropped price, the media is trying to stir up trouble again by saying the Vita is too expensive. Pretty sad really.

lumley6663549d ago

i totally agree, vita price is very good, u just go into a phone shop an try an buy the latest smart phone for less then £400

darthv723549d ago

I was reading about Ti and their ARM cpu's and how they pair them up with the SGX series of GPU. Seems a similar GPU in the Vita is also in the iPad 2. The vita uses an SGX534MP4 and the iPad2 uses an SGX534MP2.

The last number denotes the number of cores. Vita quad core gpu and iPad2 dual core. Never knew how close they were in gpu specs. Obviously it comes down to how those chips are used in relation to the overall performance of the units.

In that regard...buttons equals win/win.

AtomicGerbil3549d ago

They'd be calling it bargain of the decade if it was made by Apple.

krontaar3549d ago

Considering you HAVE to buy a separate memory card just to make most games work, I'd say its expensive.

Of course, that's completely subjective, So there really isn't a point in arguing.

jthamind3549d ago

not only do you have to buy a memory card, but you have to buy each game you want to play on it too. i doubt there are very many people who just walk out of the story having only spent $250.

Biggest3549d ago

And then add taxes, shipping or gas costs, time spent unpacking... We're talking SUPER CEREAL EXPENSIVE!!!!

pyramid3549d ago

the hardware is underpowered.Just look at ridge racer not even run at steady 30 fps

AtomicGerbil3549d ago

So you're going to base your entire opinion of the hardware on one piece of software rather than the published specifications?

MmaFan-Qc3549d ago

i guess the ps3 was also undepowered seeing how Disgaea3 lookd like ass.


tarbis3549d ago

I guess you're also gonna complain on how Uncharted: Golden Abyss don't look as good Uncharted 3.

MasterCornholio3549d ago

Wipeout looks much better than ridge racer and it runs at a solid 60FPS. I guess Namco are just lazy devs.


pyramid3549d ago

You cant compare ridge racer with wipeout.There is a lot less polygons in a vessel in wipeout compared to ridge racers cars.Much easier to get a higher fps.And backgrounds are sparse in wipeout

Hicken3549d ago

You choose what has been, thus far, the worst-reviewed game with the least content to come to this conclusion? And what about every other game on the system? What do they all show you when you look at them?

I can look at the worst game on ANY system and say "Oh, this system is underpowered. Just look at so-and-so not even at 720p/30fps/32-player online/16 cars on track." You look at the BEST game on a system to determine how good it is. The worst game only shows you what lazy and/or inept developers can do.

Oh, and exactly what are you comparing it to when you say it's underpowered? Because I see no other handheld/mobile devices capable of running the same games that the Vita can.

Please, think a little before typing.

pyramid3549d ago

I am comparing it to ridge racer on ps3 and psp.both looked great and that are saying something.namco arent lazy programmers.and take a look at formula 1 game from codemasters...not looking good at all.

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Viper73549d ago

Focus on core gamers <- remind me why is this a downside again?

LostDjinn3549d ago

It's strange alright.
In loves it lists the launch line-up.

When you sit the two next to each other the thought of unfilled prescription bottles comes to mind.

guitar_nerd_233549d ago

Good review, just move "Focus on core-gamers" from the cons to the pros- I think core-gamers are the target audience!

Feb 22nd cannot come fast enough, I ordered a nice case for it last night. :)

pyramid3549d ago

it doesnt really matter.Namco are great programmers.Just look at ridge racer psp 30 fps constant.And ps3 version is on 60 fps.So its gotta be the hardware.Sorry to disappoint u guys.And i dont care if u disagree