Sony: ‘A lot rests on Vita success’ after tough 2011

Sony Computer Entertainment head Andrew House says a successful Vita launch can help give employees a morale lift following a “pretty tough year” for the company as a whole.

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MultiConsoleGamer3549d ago

Vita is a huge gamble, and I don't know if people really understand just how much is riding on this thing.

But when it comes to gambling, you have to put it all on the line to make a big score. Sony is coming out all guns blazing with this thing. Huge launch library, tons of core games, amazing hardware at a decent price. It could all pay off for them in the end.

Dread3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

why is it such a huge gamble for Sony?

Stealth2k3548d ago

because its getting crushed by the 3ds in japan which is likely to repeat here

BrutallyBlunt3548d ago

Any time you release a new product it's a gamble. I imagine Vita had quite an investment too.

All signs point to a well designed system with a great line-up that is not only vast but diverse. The price isn't outrageous and the line-up of games actually looks pretty decent. We'll just have to wait and see how it does at retail.

MultiConsoleGamer3548d ago

Because Sony as a company has seen a lot of profit loss for the past several years. The future of the PlayStation division is hanging on the success of the PSV.

(It really has nothing to do with the 3DS. Just like Nintendo, Sony's main competitor is really Apple.)

moparful993548d ago

@multi I really dont think sony's gaming division is losing money especially whenever ps3's are selling very well, psp's are still selling, and every ps2 they continue to sell is straight profit.. I really dont think sony uses the income from the gaming division to support its other divisions like tv's, cameras, phones etc... As far as I was aware the gaming division is doing well.. I would like to see proof that the playstation division is struggling....

darthv723548d ago

that the core market to buy are the ones who buy first. Looking at sales trends over the last several years there is some logic to that.

No doubt the last couple of years sales of the PSP has been attributed to a lower price and increased selection of games for all types of gamers. That is when you have your biggest increase in units sold.

So now sony is faced with a tough situation. They have been faced with it before but this time its their first on a portable market. How do you create the need to upgrade from one to the other. The game playing side of things on a portable was all you needed...maybe 5-10 years ago.

Today's consumer is all about convenience and that is why there are more non-gaming features being added to everyday consumer electronics like phones and tv's and platforms.

By no means would a tablet represent a replacement for a dedicated game platform but what it does represent is convenience. The seamless transition from educational device to entertainment to gaming.

Sony knows to be relevant in this day and age they had to do more than even the original psp had to offer. Bordering on the level of smart phone/tablet. It will sell to the core audience without question. Will it have enough significance to sell to those who bought a psp initially but have become more relaxed with using their phone/tablet for casual entertainment?

I think for allot of holdouts it will be a decision to buy when they feel the library is ready to commit to. For me, I want one just because its new and I'm a hardware whore when it comes to new things like this.

baodeus3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )


Well said bro/bra.

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Colwyn3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I'll be supporting the vita a lot because Im a hardcore gamer and the vita is the best thing I've seen that can support the games of my liking. I know the vita will see great success because hardcore gamers are the biggest supporters of the gaming industry and the vita morely caters to them while catering to the casuals and techies. It's ludicrous to think that the vita won't be successful because everything about it is either ok or amazing with morely positive things being dominant. The device with all its features and power and costing so little is a blessing. Then the games that are announced are a lot but they also indicate more things to come. Hardcore games such as uncharted and others shows that it'll support a lot of third person shooters and fps alike among other hardcore calibre games. The vita is the best thing I've seen in years as a portable device.

darthv723548d ago

that is a bit of misinformation. Hardcore gamers made up the majority percentage of gamers when you look back at the NES-PS1 generation.

From the PS2 (and partly the PS1) there was a considerable influx of more casual and simpler games that increased to the majority stake it holds today. People in general are turning to minute wasters more so than day wasters.

You are right in that the hardcore gamers will pick this up sooner than the rest. To get the rest on board there has to be a balance of easy pick up and play games along with social media stuff. But it needs to be done in a way so that people wont see it as just another way to access facebook or twitter but something that compels them to have it.

r1sh123548d ago

Personally Im not much of a mobile gamer, but I think the price is too high.
Hence the massive sales drop in Japan which forced Sony to drop the price.


To be fair, the number of tablets and smart phones coming out is more of an appealing purchase since they do many other things. (Just my Opinion)
You have to admit Iphone has changed the handheld market

reddr3548d ago

When did Sony drop the price of the Vita?

Deputydon3548d ago

They dropped the price of the memory cards, which are still far too expensive...

Les-Grossman3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I guess they can count Japan out to help them with that then

koehler833549d ago

At this point, the only people who can count on Japan are Capcom with Monster Hunter, Square Enix with Dragon Quest and Nintendo.

All the other big players really ought to let Japan go as a core market, at this point.

Sony releasing Vita exclusively in Japan was quite foolish, if you ask me. (Not that anyone did) They were expecting the solid PSP support to transfer by default. However it seems clear to me that PSP support in Japan is actually Monster Hunter support.

bahabeast3548d ago

the japanese enjoy the simple stuff more than graphics, ram, memory, cameras, etc. the west in where the vita will shine, remember the psp is 100 and the 3ds is only 169 os sum like that. i dnt knw the jap conversion but same thing.

Matrix2k3548d ago

Let me educate you because you really dont seem to understand japan at all.

You can count on alot more companies like level 5, namco, atlus, image epoch, and a whole host of others. Your being narrow minded if you think all japan has is 3 companies.

Secondly, releasing in japan first was the smartest thing they could of done. This way they could control stock and costs alot easier if they release in the home country first. Its basic economics.

The vita has outsold the psp, ps2,psx for its first 3 weeks on the market. So they are doing quite well in terms of early support which is always small and then grows over time.

PSP support is HUGE game library support.

The vita is out in japan but the psp gets a new suikoden ( vi), a new shining srpg, a new legend of heroes, a new super robot wars....... are you kidding me?

koehler833548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )


Sorry I had meant to specifically say "Big players". Obviously the smaller players that release the majority of their content only in Japan can count on them, or they wouldn't be in business. Though their business isn't as large as it could be.

Sony has relied heavily on Japan since the inception of the PlayStation brand and now in 2012 they can no longer do that. They really need to start relying much more heavily on the western market, which makes up the majority of their global market share.

Matrix2k3548d ago

Again you dont seem to understand. The "smaller players" as you call them make more revenue than any company worldwide. Nintendo, sony, namco, square, ect all fall under that category.

Sony relies mostly on japan. HEAVILY. Because thats where the majority of system pushing content comes from

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ChrisW3549d ago

I think once the world-wide launch comes, Sony will know if their gamble pays off.

Fishy Fingers3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Well many said they (and Nintendo) could face a struggle releasing a dedicated gaming device in a market, many consider dominated by the smartphone. While Sony have built an awesome product in Vita, they will need to promote it, and promote it well. Something Sony as a whole has been laughable at these last few years.

I hope the Vita is successful enough for them, but it was clear they were always going to have to fight for market share. Could the heavy investment been put to better use on other products, in my opinion, yes, but if your a Vita owner/lover, probably not :)

bahabeast3549d ago

your rite bro it launches next month soo imo they should have commercials out alread promoting it

GribbleGrunger3548d ago

totally agree. Sony's adverts have nearly always disappointed.

MariaHelFutura3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Sony has great ads, just not enough of them and the timing sucks.

moparful993548d ago

It seems like sony rely's on the core userbase, who are always on top of the latest news in the industry, to support its products and wait for that knowledge to trickle down to the common consumer... From my vantage sony doesnt like to spend money on advertising and just waits for the word of mouth to do the job.. Not saying its good or bad they do it just that way just making and observation...

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bahabeast3549d ago

i really think the vita is more of a western kinda handheld a true gamers piece of electronic. this baby has 2 analogs, touch frunt and back, ps3/360 graphics, insane remote play with full ps3 games, two cameras. i was trying to sell a psp 3000 brand new over the christmas to a lady and her other lady friend said dnt buy it a new one is out soon. i reall wish great success for sony and the vita its a really nice machine just like the ps3.

also i can see the ps4 with a touch controller still ds3 but touh sensitive, think about the ps3 keypad attatchment the entire surface can become touch sensitive. IM JUST SAING

Siren303548d ago

I love how all of a sudden the psp vita is a western handheld even though the psp had its ass handed to it by the ds.

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