Has the PS3 Seen the Last of Nathan Drake?

The Uncharted series is amazing, but TGR have started to believe we won't be seeing it again on the PS3, instead assuming that a 2015 release date might mean a PS4 adventure.

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MultiConsoleGamer3541d ago

Maybe for this gen. Its good not to milk it. Plenty of other PS3 exclusives coming in 2012. And Uncharted: Golden Abyss is great.

BigDan803541d ago

A real shame but it seems likely. Really looking forward to Last Of Us though- hopefully it'll have the same qualities as Uncharted.

Ezio20483541d ago

i personally want UC4 to come onto PS4 since it'll show the graphical prowess of the new console and also a common "4"...

not to mention GOW 4, RE4, KZ4.....ohh my gawd!!!! :)

Tenkay233541d ago

Yeah there is nothing else naughty dog can do to improve uncharted on the ps3. They have pushed the hardware to its limits, the story in UC3 started to show writer fatigue. Don't milk it. Uncharted 4 on the PS4 for launch would do much better.

Rhezin3541d ago

shut the hell up, GoW 4 KZ4 and UC4 DO NOT NEED to be on ps4. For christ sakes the ps3 has enough power as it is for those games. It's way to soon for ps4. Go play on PC if you want more.