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Gamer19823545d ago

its happening the next time BF and COD are released I would expect an even playing field from a selling point of view.

farhad2k83545d ago

If you remember, CoD sold insanely on launch, therefore, many people bought the game on day 1.
I'm sorry but, CoD is just a world wide selling BEAST. I'm not a fan of it, but at least us gamers are no longer alone, and different people are starting to game as we speak, which is great for the gaming community.

pc_masterrace3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

bought mw3 a couple of weeks after it came out I played a total of 5 games and haven't played it since. the game may have sold a shit load of copies but it doesn't change the fact that gameplay is total f**king garbage. it's the worst COD ever produced IMO.

Corepred43544d ago

lol pc you must suck at it.

Rainstorm813544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Or CorePred

its indeed....the.....Worst....CoD ......EVER!!!!!

(too close)

Asgaro3544d ago

@ pc_masterrace
Why did you buy it? What you are saying, I saw coming from MILES away.

Seriously, so many people that still buy Cod games and afterwards be mad about it.
It's your own stupid fault, man.

thePatriot3544d ago

I was told when pc gamer says the word buy he actually means pirate.

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frostypants3545d ago

I just hope DICE doesn't sink to CoD's level just to get more sales. Just the other day I heard a guy in my BF3 squad say "I just wish this game had killstreaks". The string of obscenities that emerged from my mouth after that would make the Devil cry...

gunnerforlife3544d ago

the devil is already crying because oh whats happened to dante lool

franko3545d ago

Cod sales kicked ass, but on a long run bf3 will win...

Ninjamonkey823545d ago

Many brought COD blindly without thinking went on past judgement and past experence. Shame really. Im not gonna say cod mw3 isn't a good hour are twos fun still for there is still something there. But overall as a game tht requires skill thats a thing of the past.

The only remenents that remains is in the barebones gametypes where people can't win a game by sitting on there ass in a corner with there chopper gunner in the air killing for them.

For me CoD lost its way from Cod4 public servers where sinful only save for me was clanplay esl and clanbase.
back in cod1 and two you needed to reach that 100 kills in the pub servers with your weapons grenades.

That took some skill esp if you aproached it with your bar Mp44 K98k Moslin are whatever. But to say even that Cod1 you will still get the odd shout of Thompson noob this and that.

I knew players that where high skilled with even the tommy they knew how to use it well and proper they knew there was two fire rates on it single and auto.

This also follow to the Bar and mp44 and mp40. CoD2 lackedthis feature but funny enough this was the first console port ey.

As the game has been on its been sallyed down and less and less skill is required anyone can pick it up and for me thats the wrong dirrection to be going. There should be challenge in playing not just offered from those you play. But in the learning on the weapons you use and master.

It hads long term appeal to a game but then again Activision don't want that they want you onto there next game each year so the current format suits. Im a long term Cod player. Ive been part of a large community for a long time now seen 2004 and all we have done is play COD.

But lately ive been pulled by BF3 on pc its offering up what Cod just aint anymore. Yeah it has Things in the air etc. But everything there is able to be countered fairly.

It aint AI controlled random targeted and it depends on the skill of those that use the things. Much can be said the same as for tose on the ground. Gun on gun play is stunning sound is amazing plays a massive part in the game the perks in Cod has destoryed that for me atm.

Cod1 i used my eax sound to hear people from all directons was able to give shouts in scrims due to sound that helped the team. That cant be said in CODmw3.

Promod helped in Cod4 bigstyle thats why i liked it in clanplay. I don't know but i feel the more the years go on the worse the game gets. This year it was £90 with elite i paid that for my ps3 version. I paid for it on PC aswell on steam thats a further £35 no sign of elite there yet.

Heres what annoys me slightly when it comes to a subcribed service such as elite. Surely there should be no difference in release dates of maps etc on ps3 as to that on 360, and as for PC if i gets Elite there aswell there should be no difference there aswell. Though in all honesty id prefer mod tools there.

I think Activision truthly has alot to anwser for ver the last few years for mistreatment of there costumer base. It never stops them asking you to have to dig deeper into your pocket for a lesser version of a game.

So i think its about time they start bucking up there ideas about what people are going to accept.

Hufandpuf3545d ago

Next time, try before you buy. It makes no sense to put that much money into a game and get nothing in return.

bananaheadd3545d ago

CoD:MW3 is better than joke!!
idc about fifa12 yes everyone love football

Hicken3544d ago

You say no joke, but that first line was hilarious.

Corepred43544d ago

FIFA 12 rapes both. Love that game even though it does make me rage sometimes! lmao