U.S. pre-orders : Final Fantaxy XIII-2 vs. Final Fantasy XIII

Launching in four weeks, how do Final Fantasy XIII-2 pre-order numbers compare to Final Fantasy XIII numbers at the same date ?

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roadkillers3544d ago

Everyone comments on the negative XIII-2 articles but not on the good. Anyways things are looking good stateside hopefully it keeps up.

lodossrage3544d ago

That's why you don't see much commenting on anything that is actually important or REALLY newsworthy.

Everyone likes to comment on the "controversial" or system a vs system b stuff.

Pathetic, but true.

vuzuki3544d ago

Yes. I try to post only positive, non-controversial news. There are a lot of good, optimistic things to say about the industry, but the most clicked are stuff like "10 reasons why XBOX SUXXXORZ" or "Why Square Enix is TEH DOOMED".

Still, all my stories got approved (for now) which shows there are good people on N4G that are not only interested in scandals.

lodossrage3544d ago

Yet vuzuki's is? It's pretty clear who the troll was there?

Stuff like THAT is exactly the point I was making earlier about this site.

RedDead3544d ago

So 360 gamers have more taste than Ps3 ones?

vuzuki3544d ago Show
vuzuki3544d ago

I don't have time to post it, but a great bit of news just surfaced about XIII-2. Apparently, the Japan sales are bouncing back and are almost twice as much as XIII's fourth week sales - which can only mean that word of mouth is in favor of this game. XIII-2 obviously suffered from the bad reputation it garnered from the questionable choices made by XIII's dev team. It also shows that there as not as many trade ins as people thought.

iamtehpwn3544d ago

The 3rd most preordered game only behind heavy hitters like Diablo and Mass Effect. Its hard to argue with that.

BigDollarZoe9543544d ago

Can't wait alot good games starting the year this is on the top 3

trenso3544d ago

cant wait for this going to download the demo.

Darrius Cole3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

It's not really suprising. Final Fantasy XIII released on the same week as God of War released in the US. That had to cost it some sales. I know that it cost them my money.

FFXIII-2 doesn't have that competition.

Game4life3543d ago

they do have competition though, at least for me though I already preordered. i really wanted Neverdead and Soul Calibur V as they both all three come out on the 31st