Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 7 Different Boxarts

Check out 7 different boxarts of Final Fantasy XIII-2 now!

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Lucreto3545d ago

I like the forth and the seventh boxarts

Ranma13545d ago

I hated FF13, its not even a Final Fantasy game really

MmaFan-Qc3545d ago

uh.....all it take to make a final fantasy the title.

your opinion dont matter.

RedDead3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

If only they put this much effort into their games.

And serious Ps3gens? One pic per page?

Nitrowolf23545d ago

Thanks for telling me ahead of time. Not gonna waste my time on websites that do that kind of sh1t.

aPerson3545d ago

The image thumbnails are clearly visible on the web-page linked. Just click on them to enlarge the picture.

Geez, dude...

LAWSON723545d ago

Don't really care for US version and how is there 7 different boxarts 5 of them look the same. Kind of a pointless article.

OptimisticPrime3545d ago

love the us artwork. Lightning ftw.