Nintendo Rumor Roundup – 15 Rumors and Developer Hints

The past 30 days led to 15 different rumors for Nintendo systems and games. You decide which ones are true and which are false.

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n4f3541d ago

no i dont decide which one are true or which one are fake, nintendo does...

ozstar3541d ago

You know what i like about Nintendo?

After the Wii Vitality Sensor troll i have NO IDEA what they're up to!

They can keep secrets better than anybody, and that means were always surprised.

ronin4life3541d ago

I won't comment about the other "rumors" right now, but the nikkei trendy one wasn't even a real rumor. It was just a bad translation of an editorial speculation, and not a wisper from the information cables( or however rumors and info get out.)
Nintendoeverything has already clarified this on their website.

mike1up3540d ago

Nice Smash Bros. lineup.