343i and the future of Halo

All Age Gaming's John Elliott takes a detailed look into 343 Industries and the future of the Halo franchise, including some common misconceptions about the team now helming the award-winning series.

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Stuart57563549d ago

If 'idiots' leave stupid comments why even give them the time of day? I know I'm commenting on the comments about the silly comments but I come here for NEWS. Something that is slowly slipping away on N4G.

hellvaguy3549d ago

Wait Im confused. You the first one to comment here. So are you commenting on your own comment?

Perjoss3549d ago

not sure how much longer i can hold out without creating an Xzibit Yo Dawg meme for this...

Stuart57563549d ago

No, read the article. If your still baffled, well then, poor you.

WombBat3549d ago

anyone who actually keeps up with the franchise and has been with it since the beginning knows that bungie games have gotten progressively worse because of bungie not because of halo. how can halo make itself worse, the developers do that.

that being said, 343i is a great team of people, i have no doubt theyll make me proud.

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slampunk3549d ago

Nice article. I was initially concerned about 343i but now have more faith. It will probably be a good thing to have some fresh ideas from the new studio team. Combine that with the ex bungie boys and hopefully they'll do the halo name justice.

Forbes19843549d ago

Have to say I have no doubt that 343 will deliver on halo 4. As a fan of the halo series I welcome the changes that will hav to be made to halo in order to carry it forward even if it only to get the new trilogy. Bungie wasn't without its flaws tho halo 2 poor campaign it was the muilti player that saved it! Bungie did need a break from it all, fresh new ideas are needed and the guys at 343i won't let the community down.