How to get Netflix on your Xbox 360 in the UK and Ireland right now

GMRFM: The Gaming Liberty reported yesterday that the service was available on Irish PS3′s, but what some of you may not know is that you can now access this service through your Irish (and UK) 360′s; and here’s how.

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Lucreto3542d ago

€6.99 it a good price for people who rent movies on a regular basis. But I don't know if it is for me.

I have the PS3 version downloaded and I might sign up for a month and see.

genuinegamers3542d ago

Downloaded on Xbox 360 and it seems good. Sure the tv series are missing the current, i.e. The Office US only goes up to season 5, it'll be great to have movies and tv at demand for the price of one rental.

forcefullpower3542d ago

So in theory this should work on the PS3 as well. As you still get the sign in page.

SuperSaiyan43542d ago

Looking forward to trying this out :-D

Can you stream HD content or is it SD only?

gmrfm3542d ago

It scales depending on your connection.

mcstorm3541d ago

Looking forward to this siging up now think it will stop me from downloading films but dose anyone know how many devices you can connect to the service as I have a 2 360s and ps3 as well as 2 android tablets.

mcstorm3541d ago

For anyone who wants to know to the question above I have just spoken to Netflix and they have said in the uk you can have as many devices as you want connected to the account but only 1 device at a time can play a video but if the demand for more than one device is there they will open it up to more than one device.