The Game about Dating Disable Girls Gets a Trailer

Kotaku - Katawa Shoujo, the game about dating disabled teens, has been in the works for over a decade. It's from members of webforum 4chan, and over twenty developers worked on it.

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DarkBlood3550d ago

this should make others feel comfortable ish, lol cant relate that well to this being deaf or hard of hearing doesnt cut it

Snookies123549d ago

I was so confused on this "game"? Thought the premise was horrible, so I just had to download it to see what it would be like... It's actually quite nicely done. I've never tried anything like it, but the production values are great, and it's definitely original. It's less of a game, and more of an anime, moving storybook.

Anyway yeah, I thought it was going to be awful, but it turns out it's keeping my attention quite well. o_o

Viper73548d ago

Keyword here is visual novel or Eroge. There are plenty of "Games" like these whit far better plot, visuals and some even have unique game elements.

Many label these as hentai games which is partly right as many of these contain adult or suggestive content. But they are actually more like you said anime themed moving storybooks where some occasionally reward the reader/player with fan service. The amount of adult content is often rather small tough, and some even get ported to consoles or made in to anime/manga without any of this content.

for those interested there are some fan translations for these games, and even few small companies selling English versions of these "games".

Hicken3548d ago

I agree with everything you've said.

Often, I find that visual novels seem to have a depth that most games lack. Yume Miru Kusuri, for example, has characters with rather deep issues; such things seem to be more acceptable in Japan than here in the West, but I like the serious tones the games give off. (My personal favorite is Fate/Stay Night, though I think I'll love anything by Type Moon; Tsukihime is what I'm currently playing.)

This one in particular is completely available in English, and completely free.