PS3 Virtua Tennis 3 in 1080p

The "holy grail of full HD" is confirmed for Sega's PS3 tennis title. At its press event in Tokyo yesterday, Sega revealed, or rather boasted, that Virtua Tennis 3 runs in 1080p on the PS3. Displaying the game on slick HD sets with 1080p placards next to them, it looked absolutely glorious in high-res.

This makes Virtua Tennis 3 the second PS3 title confirmed to run in 1080p, next to Gran Turismo HD, and demonstrates that third party publishers are able to achieve what's been dubbed the holy grail of full HD on PS3. Sony has touted the PS3's ability to render 1080p images as a large benefit over the Xbox 360, which is incapable of generating them at such a resolution.

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bilal5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

is on his way to tell us that there is no difference between 720p and 1080p. and xbox360 can do that (yet not a single game ever supported 1080p and no game is announced to support it)
also then he would tell u that resolution and graphics are not that important.

also there were some posts yesterday that said that ps3 may only be able to support tetris in 1080p, those people should put a shotgun in their a$$ and pull the trigger, so this kind of crap dont get to this site.

calderra5854d ago

I can pick this one up. There are currently two games in 1080p, Gran Turismo HD and Virtua Tennis 3.

GT:HD- was basically the high laughing point of Sony's whole e3 '05, because it's only GTA4 running in 1080p, which probably took about 2 seconds of programming. "Max res = 1080p". Hey look, I just did it myself!

Virtua Tennis 3- When have Tennis games ever pushed a console's power? Two players, a flat court, and a ball. Man, that's crazy powerful!

If the PS3 were capable of outputting games in 1080p with no serious performance problems, ALL games in development would be doing 1080p. The lack of titles going for "the holy grail" is proof that it really does cause a hit to performance. Sony devs, feel free to prove me wrong here.

Just to restate:
-Virtua Tennis 3 IS A TENNIS GAME!

If Xbox 360 were the one outputting 1080p, all the Sony fans would be ripping it to shreds because of these titles. Sony fans, you need to see that this isn't about "M$ zombeez!!".

When Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid are running 1080p in 120fps like Kutaragi promised (remember?), then people will leave Sony alone. When ONLY two games are the only ones doing 1080p though, and they're not even particularly strong games, expect to take flak.

UrbanJabroni5854d ago

I understand that Sony (or associated developers) obviously isn't going to release images of what their games look like on "regular" televisions, but I for one find this to be the most important aspect of the console.

I understand that the standard forum argument tends to be "Who the hell buys a next generation system to play on a regular television", but the fact is that 90%+ of all consumers have regular televisions...

As many 360 owners know, these games don't look quite as stellar on standard definition I think the _real_ key for Sony is not how they display 1080p, but how the games look on a Walmart $300 television. If there is substantial quality loss, then those are the screens consumers will judge the sytem by (and vice versa).

Captain Tuttle5854d ago

I think developers are starting to learn this, like Capcom with Dead Rising.

Marty83705854d ago

U hav the options of either SD or HD, 4/3 or 16/9 or not.Resistance is doin the same.

shotty5854d ago

Same with Dead Rising eh. Sure the games support all the resolutions but the lower res TVs look horrible. I have an HDTV so no problem here, Dead rising looks beautiful but devs need to think about standard tvs aswell.

ASTAROTH5854d ago

Looks amazing on an SDTV, the problem is you berely can read the text. When Othis send you a message of the things going on in the mall, you need glasses or to have a good imagination. I hope this problem doesnt happen with VT3 cause developers have to realize not everybody have HDTV!!!

ElementX5854d ago

The only reason this will display in 1080p is because it doesn't have a lot of complex animations and few moving characters on screen.

TheMART5854d ago


Furthermore, who will be able to watch anything in 1080p?

99,9% of all users will have a 720p HDTV at home

kmis875854d ago

But in a couple of years who knows how many people will have 1080p tvs? 3 years ago, nobody I knew had hd tvs. Right now my family's only got a 720p tv, but next summer I'm saving up to buy a 1080p bigscreen(this summer I saved up to buy a wii and a ps3 lol).

kmis875854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

Sorry, I don't know why it did that.

TheMART5854d ago

Let's compare it with the past then.

How long did we have PAL and NTSC? for 3 years and then upgrade? No.

HD LCD's are flying off the shelves right now. That is 720p native screens. Do you really think those people will upgrade to 1080p native screens in 3 years? No.

Why would one save to buy a 1080p native one when they have a 720p one? For real, how much does the improvement actually gets? Between PAL/NTSC and HDTV 720p the improvement is big, but above that marginally.

And what about TV footage, all in 720p native. And the price? The 1080p models are around 4000 dollars, the 720p are between 700 and 1100 for a good one. Even if 1080p models get cheaper, the 720p will be cheaper also. 1080p gets 2000 dollar, 720p will cost 350 to 600. What you'd think people do.

Right you're living in a dream. Even almost all PS3 games are and will be in 720p. Things don't change that fast in 3 years.

CD's were there for longer before DVD came. DVD has been here for a longer life cycle then 3 years, widescreen TV's needed a long time also before they sold to masses. 1080p will be for nerds and a very, very small percentage of people the coming 5 years

But in a couple of years who knows how many people will have 1080p tvs? 3 years ago, nobody I knew had hd tvs. Right now my family's only got a 720p tv, but next summer I'm saving up to buy a 1080p bigscreen(this summer I saved up to buy a wii and a ps3 lol).

lalaland5854d ago

Funny how you've gone from "PS3 will never support 1080p in games!" to "We only need 720p!". :-)

But ofcourse you are somewhat misinformed yet again.

Most LCDs today support 1080i signals AND have a native panel resolution higher than 720p namely the resolution of 1366x768. So that is 768 lines -- not 720 lines as in 720p. Now 1080i will, according to experts from EBU (European Broadcasting Union -- the guys who more or less decides the TV-standard for Europe), optically/visually in a scene with loads of action approximate to a 760-780 line resolution (slow moving scenes will have a higher optical resolution).

To match the native resolution of flatpanels 720p software has to be upscaled, which anybody with a bit of Photoshop knowledge can tell you is not a good thing.

That is why most if not all people will find the resolution of 1080i scenes look superior on their 768 line LCD compared to 720p scenes, both because they don't have to be upscaled, but also because the optical resolution matches the native resolution of the panel. And even moreso for 25-30 fps software like movies (24fps) and (a bit disappointingly) most initial games for the next-gen consoles, since 1080i then in practice is just about the same as 1080p.

So 1080i or even 1080p is vastly superior for almost all owners of LCDs today and in the coming years where 1080p flatscreens will become the norm, it will be even more superior.

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