Does The Press Have A Negative Impact On Vita Sales?

It's not about the opinion pieces that bash the Vita. Straightforward news articles talking about low sales might influence interested consumers.

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dedicatedtogamers3545d ago

The game system will speak for itself. Most people won't even read those articles. For those that do, they'll be in two camps: they already want a Vita, so those articles don't matter, or they are against a Vita and the articles just serve as ammunition to say "See? I'm glad I'm not getting one". But I doubt any doom 'n gloom articles are going to sway someone from one side to the other.

-Alpha3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Geez, this is really a pointless, non-answerable question.

There's no way to prove it nor do I think it makes any significant impact on sales.

Once again, look at the 3DS. Much worse press, much more negativity about both sales and hardware (Outdated, wont last a chance, fanbase all on the iPhone, etc) and all it took was a couple good games to turn it around

These websites slap a pointless question, don't both answering it, slap on a blurb about the fact that articles are reporting low sales, and then expect whatever to stick to the ceiling. No real analysis at all, no real attempt, so why bother asking the question at all?

tarbis3545d ago

Problem with the press is they don't go deep into the source. Investigative journalism is dead. Right now, anything they see on the front is their hard fact news.

ginsunuva3545d ago

Well, that's their goal

bladednuisance3545d ago

Absolutely, when vita was 1st announces I knew 7 other people who were planning to get one at launch. Now 4 have no interest in it whatsoever, all of them saying "why not? Have you seen the articles".. in my circle alone, these reports have cut away over 1/2 of the potential buyers!!