MW3 DLC ideas to enhance Survival Mode

Jamie Pert at Product-Reviews writes: We know that new multi-player maps will be coming to MW3 via downloadable-content, but what about survival mode? Here's some ideas we have had in regards to tweaks, changes and additions to survival mode which would make it better than it already is...

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danswayuk2566d ago

What could they take from zombies? That's what I would like to see.

Game4life2566d ago

they should add like a castume mode to the hordes of people that you have to kill. My biggest and funniest idea would be giving them Pies for head so when you shoot them pie goes everywhere. Then your characters like that looks good.

Seriously though I dunno what they could do. You really can only add so much into survival mode.

aglot892566d ago

Given your comment, it's easy to see why Call of Duty is not for children.

If anything, they should continue things the way it has been since COD 4 - maps, maps and more maps.

Game4life2565d ago

I used to be a map maker in Halo Reach and a good one at that .They should just keep making maps but if they do I'd say maybe try to make them interactive so for the special ops mission so cits a bit more different.
P.s I'm not sure if you were calling me a child or what but it was just a joke.

theseeder2566d ago

the ray gun could come in handy!

ddelella2565d ago

I'm for the 4 player mode and allowing commands to direct the delta or riot squads. Other than that I feel the setup is pretty good.

nano882565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

what they need for the DLC is new maps new guns and new killstreaks thats it