Microsoft introduces "Kinect Core Games" site

"Microsoft has introduced a new website specifically focused on hardcore, or "core", Xbox 360 games, for use with its hands-free motion sensing camera. Kinect Games for Serious Gamers highlights titles that may have been overlooked by flood of family-friendly or dance/exercise games available for Kinect."

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Megaton3549d ago

That's a sad sight. Bad games, and games where it's used as a minor gimmick.

darthv723549d ago

there will be those who will disagree and say otherwise.

The term has different criteria for different people so it makes it next to impossible to agree on what is "core" these days.

I'd say gun stringer is more core than once upon a monster. that game core enough? That part is what is debatable.

Its all a matter of appeal.

gamingdroid3549d ago

Does it matter if it fits "someones" definition of core?

I mean, back in the day you just played whatever. Now, there is some kind of distinction with an elitist attitude.

I say, play great games and Forza 4, Gunstringer, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Dance Central and Kinect Sports are all quality titles.

darthv723548d ago

Back in the day, if you played all types of games on the various platforms you were considered hardcore.

Seems like today you are only 'core' if you play 'core' games. This gen has it all wrong.

BrutallyBlunt3548d ago

Bad games? Forza 4 is a bad game? The headtracking is actually a great feature. Playing Forza 4 with a driving wheel and Kinect is total immersion.

videoxgamexfanboy3549d ago

Correct me if im wrong but isnt using "kinect" and "hardcore" in the same damn sentence a oxy moron? Lol wow...

kaveti66163549d ago

Hardcore gamer can also be viewed as an oxymoron.

"Hi, what do you do?"

*Intense look, serious eyes, room goes all quiet: "I... play video games."

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LackTrue4K3549d ago

weak list, and what dose Mass Effect have this Kinects?!?!...did they add motion controls to that game?!?!

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Parapraxis3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

ME has voice control with Kinect, now THAT is tacked on.
It's not the same as the many PS3 titles with move support, which let you play with move all the way through, usually with as good an experience or at many times more engrossing than with a traditional controller.
Most of the trolls above have never touched a move controller and can only picture one being inserted in an anus (most likely their own)
Sorry guys, move is great, kinect is with it.

There's nothing even remotely close to how Move can be integrated in comparison with MS' Kinect. You won't see a kinect option for controls with gears, Halo or fable anytime in the near or distant future for one simple reason, it isn't accurate enough..and it won't be for a very long time.
Kinect is great for full body games (Dance games), but to think kinect will ever be viable for anything other than flailing and jumping within the next decade is absurd.

gamingdroid3549d ago

Voice control is tacked on?

You clearly haven't played Mass Effect, because if you did, you would know that squad control is a pain having to essentially pause the game to control you mates.

With Kinect, it's as simple as "Liara Singularity"!

I wish PS Move was explored more by Sony, but so far all it has been is clone of Wii software. The only "real" game of remote interest is Sorcery, but I have a feeling it will be cancelled.

LettingGo3549d ago

I don't know, man. Tumble, Echochrome II, Killzone 3, LBP2, Resistance 3, and infamous 2:FofB all use Move pretty darn well. Sorcery is definitely NOT cancelled. They reannounced it last month with a completely new look. It looks awesome! Maybe you should TRY Move.

BrutallyBlunt3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Funny how Parapraxis calls people trolls while he comes into a topic about Kinect, only to tell everyone how it's shite and how Move is better, lol.

Do these people have nothing better to do? Notice how it's almost always the same group of Playstation fans against XBOX fans? Am I the only one who's getting sick of it?

If Kinect doesn't interest you then don't go into Kinect topics. What's so hard to understand?

The Kinect features in Mass Effect 3 will be most beneficial IMO to organize and control your team-mates. Anyone who has played the series knows how cumbersome that can be with a controller. Utilizing Kinect with a controller is a great approach since Kinect isn't aimed at replacing the controller. Microsoft may have advertised controller free gaming at first with Kinect but that was to distinguish itself as being a different way of playing.

The feature of speaking the dialogue with Kinect will get old in Mass Effect 3, so that feature to me is pretty much useless. It may be interesting at first but will get old fast.

BitbyDeath3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

"You won't see a kinect option for controls with gears, Halo or fable anytime in the near or distant future for one simple reason, it isn't accurate enough..and it won't be for a very long time."

Kinect has come before it's time with the 360 and may never be accurate on it however the next xbox will likely be made with Kinect in mind meaning accuracy issues should be a thing of the past. You say it won't be accurate for a very long time, i think that will only depend on how far away the next Xbox console is.

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enfestid3549d ago

This page has been up for quite some time, it just got updated with the "coming soon" section and night sky background.

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