Vita Launch Lineup - Why It's One Of The Best

The ability to download classic PSP games makes Sony's newest handheld a must-have from launch.

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remanutd553550d ago

i know its the best western launch line up of a playstation system ever but by far in my opinion

Gaetano3550d ago

Say you've NEVER played a PSP in your life. You'll have a good Vita lineup, PLUS some VERY awesome PSP games available for download. Unreal launch lineup.

a_bro3550d ago

im pretty sure the PS1 emulator for the Vita will be up by launch as well, so you have that at your disposal.

NewMonday3550d ago

can Corps Party play on the Vita?

dark-hollow3550d ago

whats so special about that line-up?
Besides uncharted and ultimate marvel vs capcom 3, there is nothing much to desire.

Well, at least its better than the 3ds launch titles.

remanutd553550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

well let me see theres ModNation Racers , Escape Plan , Ridge Racer , Wipeout 2048 , Hot Shot Golf , Lumines , Fifa soccer , Dynasty Warrior Next , Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen , Virtua Tennis 4 , Touch my Katamari , little deviants and more but im just mentioning the games i see somewhat attractive , you know when i have seen a launch line up this good on a playstation system in NA ? NEVER !!!! oh btw i've been in all ps systems launch and ps vita wont be any different , i'll be getting my vita from sony in NY , they will have a midnight launch party

PshycoNinja3550d ago

Cannot wait for this system to launch. I am so excited and can't wait to get my hands on my PSV.

I have already preordered:
PSVita First Edition Bundle
32GB Memory Stick

I still have to save up to get some PSN cards to buy some games digitally. I plan on getting these four games at launch:
Hotshots Golf: World Invitational
ModNation Racers: Road Trip
Gravity Rush
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

Now I just need to know how much these games are on the PS Store. I know they are cheaper but how much cheaper?

Bach3550d ago

I don't think they announced prices for digital versions yet.

TooTall193550d ago

I have never played PSP, but I hope I can play Killzone: Liberation on PS Vita. I am also looking forward to Modnation Racers.

MasterCornholio3550d ago

Very good launch lineup. However I would like to have the PSX emulator up and running so I can enjoy classic FF titles on the go.


Half-Mafia3550d ago

Normally for a system launch, there isnt enough games to get to keep me playing until the next batch of games comes around. But with the Vita there are so many games i want from launch that i wont beable to buy them all at once.

So for that reason, this Launch is the best any system has ever had.