Netflix has gone live on Irish Playstation 3's

"Following the appearance of the Netflix application on Irish Playstation 3’s a couple of days ago, it appears that the application has come to life and can now he fully utilised. Irish PS3 users can now sign up for Netflix on their console."

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Skynetone3550d ago

it would have been nice if they warned you that you need a credit card

5 minutes of putting in my details just to find out that i need a credit card, i have enough in my psn account to buy at least 3 months or a year subscription

AusRogo3550d ago

I want this an aus, instead of the shitty quickflix!

r213550d ago

its a ps3 thats colored green and loads an image of a pot of gold whenever you turn it on. also, it drinks beer and tap dances.

waltyftm3550d ago

Bubble up for making me laugh, but you forgot to mention it's powered by Potatoes.

edwineverready3550d ago

still no video store on ps3 in the netherlands. promised a year ago. hope we will get it soon.