The Hot Topic: Elder Scrolls co-op

OXM staff: Look, I get that Skyrim is one of the last bastions of pure single-player entertainment. I was shrug-shouldered when BioShock 2 announced their multiplayer. I was entirely unconvinced by Dead Space 2, and I'm still paint-strippingly dubious about Mass Effect 3's online offering.

But there's one difference - in all those games, the multiplayer was an unnecessary bolt-on. In Skyrim, everything is already in place for an amazing co-op experience. But instead, you have to play alongside these horrible, passive-aggressive - or just plain annoying - AI companions.

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Double-D3550d ago

Elder Scrolls or Fallout should never ever have co-op or any sort of online features

Some games just don't need it

Anyway Bethesda have said themselfs that it would cause problems in development. Plus Bethesda can barley do a single player game without bugs getting in the way, imagine what having online bugs would be like

My advice...just let it go. If you want a RPG online game, go play Fable or Two Worlds.

christheredhead3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Aren't modders working on an online, co-op function for Skyrim? I don't play on PC so I have no idea, but I thought I remember hearing about it here on N4G. From Bethesda's stand point it would be a nightmare, but could be fun. Wouldn't be necessary, but would make all the fetch quests more entertaining. Modders seem to have taken Skyrim in a better direction overall with more flexibility and if they could implement an optional co-op mode I wouldn't be opposed to it.

MAJ0R3550d ago

yeah leave it to modders, the people who made Bethesda's games playable

Bereaver3549d ago

I would like to have fun playing Skyrim with a friend. Because, I have friends.
/end comment

Double-D3549d ago

Well to be honest they should just leave it to modders. Bethesda should have no part in adding online features.

Can we have one single player game instead of going "Oh I can do this with my friend", for gods sake just tell him about it when you into college/work or w.e. I have plenty of friends but I wouldn't want to share a massive single player experience like Skyrim with them.

bwazy3550d ago

On a side note. Pic unrelated?