Is this the PlayStation 3's new video editor?

Engadget: This time we're looking at PlayMemories Studio, a PlayStation 3 app that appears to be a family friendly video editor. A trademark filed in October outs the app as "software for viewing, organizing and editing digital photos and video," a description that aptly fits a potential video-centric successor to the console's original PlayMemories app.

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AMD_CROSSFIRE_FTW3542d ago ShowReplies(5)
JBSleek3542d ago

Yes Sony that is what we want. A video editor for the PS3. The killer App we have all been looking for. How could you not choose it now that it has a video editor.

RememberThe3573542d ago

I know that I bought my PS3 in hopes that they would one day give us a video editor. Looks like that investment is going to pay off.

DeathAvengers3542d ago

Pretty funny because they're just adding something extra, even after giving you a free service with a wide selection of games.

Godmars2903542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Pity this isn't about a new browser or GoogleTV, but if this is real hope it lets you rip the audio track.

And are they saying this going to be cloud based?

StarWolf3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

any editor in the ps3 will be useless unless they let you record gameplay with the PS3 and let you send the videos for friends to watch....which will never happen due to piracy BS.