Street Fighter X Tekken – Which Corner Will You Take?

Capcom have launched a series of UK community based challenges for the run up to the release of Street Fighter X Tekken, singing dancing and, of course, fighting! All the details are here.

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ElliePage3550d ago

I'll take the corner where Toro, Kuro, & Cole are.

videoxgamexfanboy3550d ago

tekken all the way! zafina i love you!!!!!!!!!!

pucpop3550d ago

tekken is goin down via my raging stink fist

josephayal3550d ago

TBH i dont like tekken is a horrible 3d fighting game , street fighter still the best fighting of all time (KOF 2 place)

fatalis953550d ago

tbh ive never liked street fighters art style it looks like everyone's on roids lol. tekken i like the whole jin and kazuya thing

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