Namco pulls "offensive" Soul Calibur V ad

Namco released another edgy Soul Calibur V poster, but this time, it was so offensive that they had to pull the ad from their Facebook page.

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LackTrue4K3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

now this is an ad, that should say "only on Xbox 360" lol....

The Killer3550d ago

because of this, i will make sure that i will never buy namco game ever in my life nor my children!

damn these perverts! cant they make a descent fighting game? do they have to go into such low levels and also show women with milking cow breasts?

bwazy3550d ago Show
HardCover3550d ago


And you must be worse than however you happen to perceive Americans, considering you're throwing pathetic insults like that while unprovoked on the internet.

Stay classy.

bwazy3550d ago

@HardCover (what are you a book or something?)

If irony were strawberries, we'd all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now.

The Killer3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


if you think violence is more bad than showing gays and lesbians and promoting sexual things for kids, then i expect u to at least protest about the use of violence not just talk ideally about how it shouldnt be allowed for only the purpose of promoting sexuality and immorality.

and just because there is something bad (violence, if it is considered as bad) then allowing 1 bad thing does not mean we should open the doors to allow all bad things! what a corrupt mentality and logic u have.

based on ur corrupt mentality, next time if a game allow sex and rape in fighting games it should not be condemned because they already allowed violence.

i think u need to see a mental doctor.

as for violence, not all violence is bad! otherwise u wouldnt have police and soldiers doing their rightful duties, so we shouldnt generalize all violence, however there r some bad violence games like GTA which is very bad, however as for fighting, its too unrealistic and i dont think it matters so much, at least it shouldnt for teens, but i agree it shouldnt be allowed for kids younger than 10. kids get affected by almost anything they watch.

and if all violence is removed from gaming, then what else will remain? singing with Wii dance and party?

i am not American, I am Arab.

bozebo3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"if you think violence is more bad than showing gays and lesbians and promoting sexual things for kids, then i expect u to at least protest about the use of violence..."

Now stop just there.

Nobody here is saying that violence or sex. Are wrong AT ALL in games.

smithdown3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

@ The Killer
Well your name alone already suggests that you perceive violence as acceptable.
I like how yoy say 'not all violence is bad' but make no such admission for sex. Erm, how do you think you got here?! Your mum and your dad had sex and 9 months later out you popped.

Sex = love, happiness and general awesomeness.

Violence = pain, death and general crappiness.

Oh, and by the way - rape usually has NOTHING to do with SEX, and is usually motivated by VIOLENCE.

EDIT: Oh, and I've just noticed how you have lumped homosexuality in with rape as being instantly bad. Homosexuality = CONSENTING ADULTS. Just because you disagree with it (on religious grounds no doubt) that doesn't make it evil.

However, getting back to the topic of this poster - what's the problem? My He-Man action figure was no worse than this when I was growing up. What, are people so scared that teh kidz will see a vague bulge and ask 'mummy, what's that man got in his pants??'???

Come on people, priorities please.

Pozzle3549d ago

I wouldn't listen to anything The Killer says. This is a guy who said in another article that 'sluts'
are the reason America has a higher rate of rape than the Middle East.

Man In Black3549d ago

Heh, did he mention how women have virtually no rights at all in several Middle-Eastern countries? If he is a Muslim, it's truly embarrassing to be of the same religion as this idiot.

SephirothX213549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I don't care if you're an American or an Arab or have a brain, being conservative is being backward and going backwards is bad (unless in some circumstances when you decide not to wear a johnny and you're about to...).

kaveti66163549d ago

I suspect the only reason the Middle East has a lower recorded rate of rape is because sexual assaults against women in the Middle East are not seen as rape, and very often, the rape victims are the ones who are punished for "tempting" the men. Plus, the worse punishment of all is that the rapist marries his victims in the Middle East, so women get raped and then are forced (by law) into marriage with their attackers.

Tameel13549d ago

Not to mention, it's really irresponsible to blame the victim for being raped. Rapists should be blamed for committing a crime. Not the victim. Just because a woman dresses "slutty" or gets drunk at a party or walks home alone, that doesn't mean she should EVER be raped. And it's disgusting that anyone would blame a woman for "not being more careful" instead of blaming the rapist for BEING A RAPIST!

The Killer3549d ago Show
kaveti66163549d ago

@The Killer

In the Western world, women have the freedom to dress how they want, learn what they want, marry who they want, and do what they want. We try to treat genders with as much equality as possible given the circumstances. Yes, we make mistakes, too, such as paying women less for doing the same job men do, but we're trying to change that. In your Islamic world, women are forced to dress a certain way, they are not allowed outside without being escorted by their husbands. They are not allowed to sit at the same table as males (Gender Apartheid in Saudi Arabia). You think we're lying about Islam and Arabs?


A 19 year old married woman was abducted and raped by 7 men. She was a victim, so why did the court sentence her to 200 lashes? Why is a victim of rape being punished? Because she allowed the devil to "possess" her and tempt the seven men into raping her?

And you're upset because we don't execute gays and lesbians in our country? Are you daft? If I saw you in real life, I don't know what I'd do.

Man In Black3549d ago

@The Killer

Stop claiming you're a Muslim. You're not. You're a sad, pathetic little person, the kind that uses religion to further their own idiotic ideologies and views.

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oricon3550d ago

I respect Namco for doing this, now everyone you got your crotch shot you all wanted, everyone made a big deal about the Ivy ad, when did nerds become feminists lol

MsclMexican3550d ago

Tits? OK


MsclMexican3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )



How am I being a hypocrite?

Are you talking about the rant I made when Ken Levine was upset about peoples intrests in Elizabeths boobs?

What... you taught I was serious...( Im talking about this joke... not what I said about the Bioshock Infinite story... I was serious about that)


Come on... do you really think Im like that?

Or do you need to see /s whenever someone makes a joke? Or that -_- emoticon.

I find it funny that everyone is fine with a pair of boobs and you can actually see quite a bit...

But a Codpiece is instantly flagged as offensive...

I mean its not showing anything...and gamers have no problem shoving digital codpieces in some on elses face (teabagging)

So why flag as offensive... I find it funny

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Hozi3550d ago

Especially when it's a guy's junk....not to mention a guy named Voldo.

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Snookies123550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Hah, I honestly couldn't care less if it has boobs or junk... I just want a good game... -_-

Undeadwolfy3549d ago

Thank you for using that term correctly. And yes, agreed with your statement.

FunAndGun3550d ago

Voldo's junk alone would kill you dead.

ChickeyCantor3549d ago

Yeah...usually which is killed, ends up being dead...

Hicken3549d ago

I heard people die when they are killed. Is that true?

Guwapo773549d ago

Aww that means you never played this game, you should give it a try. Easy enough to pick up and play and complex enough for the hardcore vet.

AlienLion3550d ago

Umm I wear that to the gym, spiky crotch plates have been in for weeks.

HIV-3549d ago

Guys.... don't forget the fact that Japanese have a total different taste in what's appealing or not than Westeners.

Since the develeloper of this game is a Japanese company, then they might have thought that their ads would receive a positive reaction. Just keep this in mind

SonyPS3603549d ago

Border-line nudity and bouncing breasts but please no crotch plates.

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ElliePage3550d ago

The other one wasn't offensive at all. It was very tasteful. This one IS offensive.

Katana Yamato3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Both are offensive and stupid.

Edit: What's the purpose of showing the boobs of Ivy and Voldo's junk? It doesn't speak well of the game with advertising like that. Its stupid and juvenile. Show all of the character and not emphasized there private parts which have nothing to do with the actual game.

radphil3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

And yet when movies do it in which they show their parts, when it's not the emphasis of the movie, no one goes in an outrage:

Le Divorce

Homeland Security

What's even more funny, is that if you saw say Sigfried stabbing Nightmare, no one would have an issue...

Bimkoblerutso3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

^It is a FIGHTING GAME. The shallow inclusion of TnA in a game that has no context for it is what is offensive, not the content itself. No one is offended by the sight of boobs, goddammit.

And I'm not even saying anyone has to agree with the sentiment. Just stop saying idiotic bullshit like "oh, they're just scared of boobies, lololol" or "can't show boobies but I can kill whoever I want!? That's America for you, lolol."

radphil3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

"^It is a FIGHTING GAME. The shallow inclusion of TnA in a game that has no context for it is what is offensive, not the content itself. No one is offended by the sight of boobs, goddammit. "

Yes, and those 2 movies I linked don't focus on TnA. One is an action comedy, the other is drama. That was my point. People are crying foul in droves on this, but not on other areas or fields?

MY point is that people should expect the crossfire if you complain about one doing this, but not others.

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FunAndGun3550d ago

The only reason I could see you being offended is because Voldo has a bigger package than you.

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redDevil873550d ago

I want to know who at Namco thought of this and who approved this LOL

Seriously they must have been wasted when they done this.