PS3 & Wii game box art compared.

The first official pictures of Wii and PlayStation 3 box-art have hit the web, and opinion seems to be divided.

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zypher5856d ago

you mean people are actually sitting down waisting their time comparing box art!?!

GRUNT5856d ago

I like the Blu-Ray light blue case

CAPS LOCK5856d ago

is looking alot like mac, like the new ds lite looks like mac and now the box does. but the ps3 looks ok and i dont know why i am comparing lol guess i am just bored.

Bill Gates I Am5856d ago

It's what's inside the box that's important.

Bill Nye5856d ago

Yeah. And a good example that comes to mind is ICO. That had the worst box art for PS2, ever... but it was a wonderful game.

Geekgang9115856d ago

Is there anything else now left to compare that hasn't been compared before? Any ideas?