Mass Effect 3 Omni Blade Edition Announced

EB Games in Australia and New Zealand have announced an exclusive edition of Mass Effect 3 only available at EB Games.

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Double-D3549d ago

"Inflatable Omni Blade"

Oh come on Bioware, leaving it up to game shops to give us cool stuff like that

It bugs me still that they asked us what we wanted to see in a "Uber" Collectors edition on the fourms and then they said they wern't going to do of the biggest releases next year and the fact it's the last game in the Reaper trilogy YET they still didn't want to do one. <sigh>

SuperSaiyan43549d ago

I know its silly they would even think to not do a CE.

However they did and its costing £69.99 here in the UK but I have mine on pre-order.

Its kinda funny they are getting an inflatable omni blade that is definently something i DONT want lol.

N311V3548d ago

Me neither! We have the N7 collector's edition here in Australia also which I'm glad I pre-ordered. Does it differ from the UK one?

pandehz3549d ago

If only it glowed and had some effects going on inside it.

I have a feeling its gonna be like a cheap wearable baloon like thing.

MasterD9193548d ago

I thought it was DLC in-game...No thanks. Everyone here is already getting the rifle with any pre-order.

Buying the CE myself for the extra squad mate.