Sony may have picked the right time to release the Vita in the US

GOS "Sony’s Playstation Vita sales in Japan have declined for three weeks running. The Vita started its launch week with 321,407 units sold, 72,479 in week 2, and now sitting at 42,648 sold in week 3.

With nearing a half million sold, the Vita isn’t performing as bad as you may think. Remember, Japan’s economy has seen better days.

The Playstation Vita will be launched in North America on February 22, 2012, and I believe that Sony picked a great release window for a couple of reasons."

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MasterCornholio3549d ago

It makes sense but it still won't sell as well during Christmas time. I hope the Vita takes off well in the west because it's a great handheld that both gamers and developers like.


Blaze9293549d ago

I imported one to try out early (later sold on ebay) was fun. Loved the device as far as it just being beautiful. Imported Uncharted and Marvel vs Capcom 3 as well, both looked amazing.

My only thing is that the OS on the Vita, is ridiculously boring and kind of childish - if that makes sense. Just wasn't somewhere I wanted to be, at the system's OS.

Then the games, facing the same issue as the PSP imo. There's just no game to really define why anyone should bother with a Vita if they already have a PS3 and many of the Vita's franchises on it, like Uncharted and Marvel vs Cap 3 in my case.

I think the Vita has a long way to go and I'm still thinking about keeping my NA pre-order open or not.

I do find it funny that it's Janurary 8th and a lot of people in North America don't even know about the Vita.

mugoldeneagle033549d ago

A lot more after CES. I imagine major marketing will follow soon after that.

I work at Best Buy and we haven't gotten or heard of getting a demo unit yet, hopefully it's before launch like the 3DS' was

I'm excited, don't know if I'll get one right at launch, but I'll for sure be buying one. Especially if they ever bring over major games like Dark Souls, Skyrim, even COD. And I want to see how Transfaring works

GribbleGrunger3549d ago

ok, quite positive but how can the numbers have 'declined for three weeks?!' they've declined for two weeks.

jneul3549d ago

you should have tried something like little deviants instead then, oh well your loss, not that i believe that you actually had a vita in the first place...

miyamoto3549d ago

Do you have Tax Refund after February in Europe?

resistance1003549d ago

In the UK, you can get a Tax refund if your due one at any time of the year. (when they find out your owed money).

However if you do it propery you can claim money back in April each year (and you normally get it early May(ish).

But this varies from job to job and person to person

remanutd553549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

they may have indeed but we will see about that next month

ElliePage3549d ago

They picked a terrible time to release it. Most of my money is going towards a lot of 3DS & PS3 games within the next few months.

remanutd553549d ago

you should be more clear , they picked a terrible time in your opinion and for your convenience but you are not the only one getting taxes return , are you ? after the holidays which they clearly missed i may agree with the blog writer that the release date could be good because lots of people will get their tax return check ( which mean more interested potential buyers , dont you think ? ) i mean if people are interested in the system and they will get money from taxes , they could get the system from there , anyways that goes to the people interested in the system in the first place

ginsunuva3549d ago

Imagine if they released it last november. Good? Ok.

TheDivine3549d ago

Yea not the best for me either with re revelations releasing on 3ds right before it and mgs3 and kid icarus on 3ds right after it. Those will come first and then il prob wait for a few more games to release on vita. Its kind of good theres nothing else around near it like the 3ds launch but that means only the hardcore fans will get it until christmas rolls around again. Thats def the best time to release it to hype up consumers and make it the item to buy that year. I cant wait for some great jrpgs to start rolling in on both the new handhelds.

SamPao3549d ago

I know this handheld is what I and many gamers want! Bringing gaming to the next level! this is the power of Playstation!

I just calculated...woot that's a lot of money I have to spend. Like always when a new generation starts :)

remanutd553549d ago

yes it is what i have always wanted the psp to be and a little more , very very glad they have the dual analog sticks but more importantly the full psn integration , i really love that

edwineverready3549d ago

Yep lot's of money need a memory card got the 32gb and a game ofcourse. so i am getting the 3g version. so it will cost me around 450 euro, but worth every penny. anybody knows if the vita battery can be changed?

Game4life3549d ago

I ordered myself a wifi version with (yet to be ordcered but will probably next weekend after my birthday;it's next Saturday)
16 gb memory card
Modnation or wipeout
So I'm probably spending about 400ish with tax

edwineverready3549d ago

Yeah forgot to mention ofcourse uncharted. A must have.

Game4life3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

its my favorite game series that is appearing at launch. i still wish Capcom would put out a Megaman X2 maverick hunter though. I don't think anything can replace my Favorite series of all time though Uncharted is pretty damn close along with the tales of series and Final Fantasy

SamPao3548d ago

Battery can be replaced I read somewhere, and additionaly they are selling a portable charger (original sony) with wich can charge the Vita on the go!
Uncharted...Wipeout...Gravity rush... such great games, I have to look that I keep a month inbetween the games so I can appreciate them at least :P

edwineverready3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Good news, but if i can buy a extra battery i will. always nice to double the playing time. respond to 4.3.1

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edwineverready3548d ago

Thanks ULtr i will buy a extra battery then so i can game 6 hours instead of 3 :)

SamPao3548d ago

Hey actually, I follow a guy named skyghene on youtube.
He did a test with the vita, and he turned EVERYTHING ON: 3G, Wifi, full brightness, yeah kinda everything and he played uncharted.
it lasted more than 5 hours!! more than 5!! :D

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