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I’ve had my fair share of bad luck with the Xbox 360‘s selection of headsets, throwing out countless dollars and most of which have caused me a lot of problems. This new version of the headset came out in November 2011 to better fit the look of the Xbox 360 S consoles.

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BiggCMan3550d ago

The Xbox 360 doesn't have blueotooth, I assume it connects the same way as a wireless controller does, and I guess the bluetooth in the headset is for phones and such.

LiL T3550d ago

???? The bluetooh is for phones. Do you know what bluetooh is sir. Obviously the headset has a usb dongle for it to work and the bluetooh is for communication on your XBOX 360. where does the phone come in.....

kneon3550d ago

I don't think so, if it were just using bluetooth for both then why need a switch to go from XBox mode to bluetooth? And there was no mention of a dongle.

So I think it's as BiggCMan says, connects as a normal XBox wireless headset and then can switch to bluetooth.

Bob5703549d ago

It connects to the 360 the same way as the controllers do. It has an Xbox setting and a bluetooth setting. I own one.

LiL T3550d ago

Yes I apologise for my bieng an idiot and not reading.

Why couldnt they do something with a usb dongle and make it work. Either way this does seem like a good deal for a 2 in 1 headset.

DeathAvengers3549d ago

It's really a great headset. I have one and love it! Finally ditched the default headset and can now use the Bluetooth headset and my Xbox 360 controller keyboard at the same time!