A Sneak Peek Into The PS4, Courtesy of the PS Vita

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

Do you remember the first time you used the XMB interface? Unless you imported Sony’s failed PSX, your first time tinkering with it probably came via the PSP. The XMB would later make its way into the PS3. Well–what if the PS Vita’s operating system was a sneak peak into the PS4’s? Here are a few features that should (and in all likelihood will) make it into Sony’s next console, and a couple that should stay exclusive to the PS Vita.

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Nitrowolf23550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

PS Vita shows promise for the next PS Home console. I only hope Sony doesn't ignore some things like they did for PSP and PS3. Like I remember when we didn't have the date and time displayed on the XMB where the PSP had it until update 2.40 or something like that.

moparful993550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Regardless of how imperfect sony UI's are they do something that not alot of companies can claim.. THey actually listen to the userbase and make efforts to satiate them.. Just look at how far the PSN has come all thanx to user feedback...

BrutallyBlunt3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

You mean like offering cross gaming chat features on the Playstation 3? That is the number one requested feature asked by the PSN community and Sony has yet filled that request or talked about why they won't be offering it.

It is true PSN has improved dramatically but let's not pretend they are any better or worse at listening.

Guwapo773550d ago

It's not that Sony didn't want to add it, it couldn't add it. Not enough free ram to make that a reality.

BrutallyBlunt3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

@ Guwapo77

That's fine but the point is did the people at Sony ever tell us? The person above was talking about listening, a major part of listening to the userbase is fulfilling their wishes and if those wishes can't be met then explain why not.


Can you provide any comments from an employee at Sony making an official announcement that there isn't enough RAM to do it? If so I will immediately retract my statements.

LakerGamerEnthusiast3550d ago

do you know what your saying dude? what do you mean Sony has not talked about cross game chat for ps3? they have clearly stated that the issue is not having enough ram. And IMO psn has improved ever since the first time I got to use it. and now it has become a great service with just minor things that it does not have..

Nitrowolf23550d ago

here you go, though a simple google search would have been easier

moparful993550d ago

It sounds like you are aiming your crosshairs at sony like alot of media sites... Sony has been trying for several years now to implement cross game chat but they came clean and said that no matter how much they would like to they cannot due to ram issues..

I'm sorry but they had the bravado to say "Hey we know you want it but we cant deliver because we didnt have the foresight to have enough flexible onboard ram" Lesson learned lets move on..

You can't honestly sit there and tell me that anytime a fairly damning complaint is aimed at sony they dont answer in some way...

People complain about ads being shoved down their throat on Live despite the fact it's a paid for service, and sadly it has only become more aggressive...

Or how about the absolutely ignorant "friend code" system on the wii that people have abhored for years yet it lives on...

BrutallyBlunt3550d ago


Thank you for that. Nice to see after almost 5 years they finally came clean about it.


The problem was for years Sony never said a word while customers asked about it. There were even rumours it was coming with PSN +, remember that?

Even then they still gave hope this feature was coming. It wasn't until the pre-release hype started with Vita that they finally admitted why it wasn't coming to the Playstation 3. They want to talk about it now because it's a selling feature and they know people still wanted to know if it was ever coming to the Playstation 3. They had to come clean and that is the only reason they finally talked about it. You can't market the feature on Vita without answering if it's coming to the Playstation 3.

Sony has done a remarkable job at improving PSN while keeping the core of it free to us. For that they should be commended on.

No FanS Land3550d ago

All I hope is that Sony produces the console with hardware based (os based) multitasking functions, unlike what the PS3 currently does, relying on individual games to implement custom soundtrack, screenshot etc.

blumatt3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I recently wrote an article on what I thought the PS4 would be like:

In that article I explained how I thought the Vita was a sneak peek into the PS4's possible pricing and ease of development. The PS4 will hopefully be Cell-based again to capitalize on Sony's investment in the technology and to ensure full PS3-backward-compatibility. It would also make it incredibly easy for developers to move to the PS4 and make games without having to learn new technology. Increase SPU's and RAM and give it a better GPU.

The Vita has a party system and cross game chat, so it's a no-brainer that the PS4 will too.

@No FanS Land
Yeah, the PS Vita has multitasking so I'm pretty sure the PS4 will too, in some capacity. In-game music will probably also be there next time around.

Please explain your reasoning and don't just click "disagree." lol It's super childish and immature. All it takes is a couple sentences to tell me why you disagree. PM me if you want or message me via PSN (blumatt) but at least explain. I swear the agree/disagree system on this site is abused. I'm glad we got rid of the thumbs up/down system on our site at

hazardman3550d ago

can't be from user feedback because we still don't have cross game chats or invites and we stil can't listen to any music in game. im part of the userbase and they haven't been listening to me. Im a PS+ subscriber the least you could do Sony is hook us up with that.

moparful993549d ago

@harzardman If you bothered to read our comments you would have seent that we explained why the ps3 doesnt have cross game chat, despite sony trying to bring it to us... Also the ps3 DOES have custom music in game, its optional however.. They let the developers choose whether to implement it whereas microsoft forces developers to have that feature... If you want to blame snyone for not having custom music during your favorite game just flip over the box and find the developer.. Blame them not sony....

_Aarix_3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

They couldve freed enought ram by removing dynamic themes and maybe removing and optimizing lauch dameons but I doubt they would want that to happend. I wouldve like the option to choose in a setting but im happy with mine.

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MsclMexican3550d ago

Im not ready for the Next Gen.... it seems to soon

Tapioca Cold3550d ago

Dude, stfu.

Not soon enough.

Sy_Wolf3550d ago

Too soon? The 360 is 6 years old and the PS3 is 5 years old. The consoles are severely underpowered when compared to modern PCs. If anything they should have been phased out already.

WitWolfy3549d ago


A part of me agrees with you, but another side wants the current generation just to last a bit longer...Like a year or so!

ziggurcat3550d ago

i've no doubt that people will still complain about what's not in the PS4's XMB.

BrutallyBlunt3550d ago

And I have no doubt people will complain about the horsepower in the Wii-U and the XBOX Live fees if they are still around on the new XBOX. Welcome to reality where complaining is a fact of life. Just look at it this way, because of those complaints Vita has improved and implemented features people wanted on the PSP and Playstation 3.

Is it not reasonable to still want more and still want better products?

ziggurcat3550d ago

"Is it not reasonable to still want more and still want better products?"

sure, but there are reasonable ways of going about requesting that rather than crying like a whiny little baby.

SlyFoxC3550d ago

@ziggurcat seems to me that you are crying like a whiny little baby about people crying like whiny little babies......

you are on the internet should be use to this by now...and if you're not(clearly you're not)unplug the internet...problem solved

resistance1003550d ago

Going by the Vita is nice to know there's cross game chat running on it. Should mean its on the Ps4 from Day 1.

Guwapo773550d ago

You beat me to the comment but I agree 100%

andibandit3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Dosnt matter, PS3 owners have argued long and hard why they dont want cross game chat. I've heard stories about how Ventrilo is easier, even heard stories about people using their cell phone instead, claiming it was just the same, LOL.
I say leave it out.

WitWolfy3549d ago

A thing some gamers dont understand is, this is the social generation, nothing beats a couple of friends playing as a team in a party chat. sure game chat serves the same purpose. But CGC just makes it more hassle free

ExCest3549d ago

I agree that Vent and a cell phone would be as easy as CGC but!

Not everyone has their pc right next to their PS3 (I do but that's besides the point) ((Some people are complete Compu-tards))

I don't and many other people don't have unlimited minutes

cell phones can't conference chat

These are good reasons why I definitely want CGC and they will put it. I mean, with the PS4's definite power, it's gotta be able to support it.

Guwapo773550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I know one thing PS4 will have regardless...cross game chat.

Neckbear3550d ago

Video game journalists, the paid writers and editors that don't know the difference between "peek" and "peak".

brbobcat3550d ago

hate to break it to you but a lot of these "video game journalists" and "paid writers" are actually just gamer blogs...

it's not hard to get a domain, hosting space, and start talking about games.