Ninja Gaiden 3: Five reasons it could fail catastrophically

I want Ninja Gaiden 3 to be the best one of the series. But sadly, the more I see about the game, the less I become interested about it.

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JasonX433550d ago

This article doesn't seem like valid points to me... just whining!

FragMnTagM3550d ago

Did you watch the video? It is worse than what the article even describes. Having been a huge fan of the series, it is very disappointing to see Ninja Gaiden go this path.

It used to be a straight up hardcore hack n slash with with puzzle solving here and there.

QTE events suck, always have and always will.

Ninja Gaiden is no more.

DasBunker3550d ago

you dont like QTE cuz you suck at them.. if theyre well done like in god of war i dont mind, which rarely games get right.

NGS2 was disappointing and never finished it... it was too easy compared to NGS, you could literally flying swallow thru the whole thing easily.

ZombieAssassin3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I don't think it's even really possible to suck at QTE's.

QTE's don't really fit in NG games, it'll make them feel even more watered down than it already will. They basically turn the game from having to be patient and careful when choosing to attack to just pressing X or rotating a joy stick.


" you dont like QTE cuz you suck at them. " I nearly fell off my chair reading that!

Unless you are blind or suffer some sort of physical illness that affects your movement, I just don't see how that is even possible.

GOW is an awesome series but the combat was hardly challenging compared to NG's and on a personal level if there was one thing I could take out it would be the QTE.

Still GOW is GOW and NG is NG... or at least it use to be and QTE has not business being in NG.

You stopped playing NG2 because it was too easy and you think that QTE is going to make NG3 more of a challenge?

jaosobno3549d ago

"Focus on one weapon: Katana"

This is the biggest issue for me.

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CrescentFang3550d ago

Well it's being different I give it that, but maybe it would've been better off as a side-story? Well I won't give an opinion until I play it and I also won't expect it to build more on from what 2 started/improved from the first.

Gothdom3550d ago

The story is written by the guy who wrote the NES games... If anything, the other 2 games you are referring to were the side-story.

For some reason, I'm excited for the game. The only thing I'm not really sure about is the multiplayer aspect. I heard it's going to have only 3 maps at retail + more coming in DLC form.

CrescentFang3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I was trying to make a joke with the gaiden/side-story meaning lol, sorry for not saying so. And yes, I know Masato Kato is writhing the story. Here's an awesome interview that I think anyone who's played the NES trilogy should read.
It's pretty cool :)
I agree about the multiplayer aspect, but won't know until I play that too!

Gothdom3550d ago

lol, I didn't get it. Clever indeed.

Thanks for the link, I'll read that right now.

d0nni33550d ago

I'm worried about this game but generally not for those reasons well apart from the lack of orbs (possible no upgrade system?!)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3550d ago

I'm not sure what to think of this game honestly. I like it, but at the same time I can't see it being that good, but I hope it will be good. I don't know...

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