Digital & Physical Copies, Tiered Pricing: Vita's Best Assets

"So, you've saved up your money and bought you a nice, shiny Vita. You've paid the slightly-expensive price for one of its proprietary memory cards (which I fully expect third party memory cards to come out soon too at $10-15 cheaper). Now it's time to buy some games for the device. So how does one go about getting them, you ask?

When you get to this point, you've got two options: 1) Digital copy via PSN & 2) Hard copy from brick-and-mortar retailer (WalMart, CostC0, GameStop, etc.) So, now you're saying, "But I could do that on the PSP." Yes, that's very true, but there's a couple differences worth noting about the Vita."

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MasterCornholio3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I remember when a ton of people were claiming that Vita titles would cost 60€. I guess they are all eating crow now.

Anyways it's great to see that there will be all types of prices for Vita games I just hope that none go over 50€. Fun fact Did you know that the Montezuma game will be free to download on the Vita? Kind of cool that devs can release free ad supported titles if they want to.


tarbis3548d ago

Only thing missing now are those new games for psp having a psv version. I don't mind downloading them as long it's PSV version.

forevercloud30003548d ago


But I just want to be able to get trophies for playing them :)