Battlefield 3 Dev Details Buffs to .44 Magnum, Flash Suppressor, and Bipod

MP1st - "Battlefield 3 Developer, Alan Kertz, talks about buffs and fixes for certain weapons as well as goes into more detail regarding the upcoming weapon attachment rebalance."

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mugoldeneagle033335d ago

Reminds me why I know I'll be playing this game for months to come. Though voice chat & squad issues are still a concern, BF3 looks like it will have some long legs

BraveToaster3334d ago

News like this reminds me why I know I'll be playing this game in a few months when DICE finishes it.

Flashwave_UK3335d ago

they need to buff the usas and the famas before they do anything else smfh

SJPFTW3335d ago

there is no patch that stops you from sucking. sorry get yourself some rest please

Detoxx3335d ago

I dont know why people bitch about the Famas that much cuz in my opinion that weapon sucks ass.. AEK-971 with russian holo scope, foregrip and laser sight is better in my opinion

Nafon3335d ago

sarcasm doesnt work on the internet

Ron Zook3335d ago

they really should buff the clunky controls to BFBC2 levels

SITH3335d ago

I am shocked they are buffing the 44. Magnums. I blow people away with that gun. I won't complain though.

OcelotRigz3335d ago

Same, i guess it is slow and has low range, but man its like having a little shotgun in your hand, i love it. Wont say no to this buff though.

bunfighterii3335d ago

Forget nerfing guns, they should make the drone have less impact damage. I'm sick of being in games and some guy hides somewhere and just road kills people by flying the drone into them the whole game. It's so cheap and it's bullshit anyway. The thing touches you at 10kph and your dead.

Fylus3335d ago

I know right. Not that people even get many kills with it but seriously, how bad do you have to suck at a game to where you resort to running people over with a remote controlled drone?

Because you CAN use it to kill, no one ever uses it for its actual purpose.

RumbleFish3335d ago

I allready have 1797 assists with the drone. I spend whole games spotting targets and instructing my squad mates. So 'no one' is not correct! ;)

And btw: I've never used my drone to kill someone. ;)

Fylus3334d ago

Well you're one of those humble few and I commend you. Pardon the unintentional rhythm.

Blastoise3335d ago

I agree, i was playing earlier on and there was like 6 drones in the air. My own team were doing it too. Some crazy drone war was going down.

Detoxx3335d ago

Haha, that made me laugh :)

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The story is too old to be commented.