Devil May Cry 4

It's only a week to go until we play Devil May Cry 4 at the Tokyo Game Show! But we don't have to wait that long for new details and screenshots for the game, as Capcom today updated its website with lots of DMC4 goodies.

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bilal5863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

its kinda sad that dante is a bad guy. he is one of the most awsome players to grace any game ever.
Solid Snake
vamp (from metal gear)
Max payne
add your favorites to the list...
add names of great characters of games but character should be one of kind very special. i.e. i think master chief should not be part of this list no matter how great Halo as a game may be
your choices should be based on the greatness of an individual character instead of the greatness of game. RE4, Halo...were all exceptional games but the lead charachters were not so great..

TheMART5863d ago

Well why should master chief not be part of this list? I actually do think it's very special in it's own kind.

-Master Chief
-The troll from Golden Axe
-Marcus from Gears of War

kmis875863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

Dude, who the hell is Kameo, what is Golden Axe, and Gears of War isn't even out yet. I do agree though that Master Chief has become a pretty much iconic videogame character.
How about Samus. She kicks @ss.

bilal5863d ago

you may add master chief.if u think so.
but why marcus, the game is not out yet. GOW may be the greatest game on the planet ever but we have seen 1 billion third person games and characters similar in some form then we have thousands of such characters in fpshooters.
character should not be how famous or great a game may be but how unique a character is!

LiquifiedArt5863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

Master Chief??? you people are seriously Halo FANATICS. I enjoyed halo but he isnt anything close to a "character" hes just a suited guy with a gun. How much did he show emotion, or Uniqueness or anything that resembles anything close to mario, sonic, zelda, kratos, samus etc... give me a break. Your completely pluggin him in just to put in your xbox 2cents.

Arsenic135863d ago


CAPS LOCK5863d ago

the pics look so good and they are in game footage aswell, follow the link to the new screen and u will see what i mean.
the best game characters are:

-solid snake
-prince of persia guy(cant remeber his name)
-tidus&cloud from final fantasy
-duke nuckem

and not max pane or master chief, they did not have a big personality, especially master chief.

kmis875863d ago

"and not max pane or master chief, they did not have a big personality, especially master chief."
Dude, Link is famous for having no personality. Miyamoto designed him that way so that gamers could imagine the character taking on their own personality.
And Mario's just a random stereotyped Italian with a heart of gold. Thats his entire personality.
Personality doesn't make great game characters. It makes some characters like Dante stand out though as great characters. The game itself is the most important part.

no_more_heroes5863d ago

When I went to my cousin's house in Miami. I only got to chapter 5 (or whatever chapter those two stupid headless fire and wind guys was at). This was the first DMC game I have ever played. Now it sounds like I started off right. So now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if I want to follow the story I would have to play DMC 1 next, then DMC 4, then DMC 2 ?! Why didn't they just make DMC 3 DMC 1, then DMC 4 DMC 2, DMC 4 DMC 3 and DMC 2 DMC 4 ?!

kmis875863d ago

Because they completely f'ed up with DMC2. Seriously, don't play it. You won't miss any story because it didn't make sense. It sucked. The first one is classic though.

Arsenic135863d ago

because if they made a real sequal theyll have to explain why Dantes a d!ck in 2

Solid Snake5863d ago

The second 1 was rubbish, not the gamesplay, but the story, now number 1 and number 3 were superb all round!