Final Fantasy devs could learn a few things from the Tales series

Square Enix could learn a few things from Namco Bandai. Hopefully the lessons of 2011 sink in.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 made its retail debut last month, topping the charts by selling a hefty 524,000 copies. In the time since, it has managed to climb to 700,000 units shifted. For almost any other series, that would be amazing and far beyond expectations. For Final Fantasy, and for that matter, a “main line” title on the hottest console for Japanese RPGs, that’s a critical miss.

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ElliePage2530d ago

No they couldn't. Every Tales game this gen has been rushed and none of them are better than the first Symphonia. I think S-E already learned from them by rushing out FF13 & then FF13-2 after FFvs13.

iamtehpwn2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Tales Series is awesome and one of the best JRPG's series. If there is one critique I have to make is that it hasn't evolved very much in comparison to Final Fantasy--which always tries new things. Some of those evolutions are successful (VII, VIII X), some meet with much polarization (XII, XIII), but they do try new things more often.

Its a shame that it doesn't do better in West (Tales, that is).

Ranma12530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

What the tale series does that FF dev's can learn from is the fact that they stay true to the series, each games has what it makes it a tales game !

Wheras FF13, no so much. No world map, not many likeable characters, non strategic gameplay, mediocre story (Falcie, Lcie, Pulse Lcie and other confusing crap), unlike the FF we know of

Redempteur2529d ago

i'd say Tales of putting lots of ideas into their formula.
All 3 ( vesperia , graces , xillia ) had significants changes into their battle system Xillia being the most obvious.

I'd even argue that Tales try more new things than Final Fantasy.

snipes1012529d ago

I'm fairly certain they could learn something from just about everyone at this point.

Ranma12530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

“If it ain’t broke, don’t…do a horrible job of trying to fix it.”


In my opinion FF10 was the last great FF.

Anyone else agree?

knifefight2530d ago

I loved FFX but I actually really enjoyed XII as well. I can see why some didn't like it, but I enjoyed it.

In the reverse, I wasn't hot on 13 myself, but I can see the ways that other people might get into it. Just not my cup of tea.

I would love to see a new FF with some of the older staples though. FF Type-0 has an explorable overworld, but there's apparently not much to it :(
(^ linked from within the topic article)

jrbeerman112529d ago

I love 12 myself and while 13 is my least favorite in the series, I did complete it and did have fun. Unfortunately it took until the second planet and hunts to be enjoyable.

I know people didnt like how 12 (MMO'd) final fantasy, but I loved the very large world and how the game flowed from exploring to battles without transition screens (which are very noticeable to me now). I keep going back to it for my FF fix.

But i also can see how X was the last FF that didnt drastically change the RPG turn based combat of the series.

my dream game is a FF that has the old school turn based combat, materia or some kind of similar system (sphere grid was pretty good too), quick to no transitions from exploring to combat, and a world map with an airship. is that too much to ask?

Ranma12530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Seriouslly Square Enix seems lost when it comes to the FF series.

And it seems fans are disenfranchised (have no say). SE say they listened to fans with FF13-2:

-By adding towns, except you cant enter any buildings

-By making it non linear, except their is only 1 open area in the game (acheytelle steepe)

-By adding secret hard boss battles like Omega weapon of past FF's, except you have to pay DLC to fight them.

Why do SE keep fu*king up?

I think FF games were better when they used to be turn based i.e gameplay of FF1-10

@below, whether turnbased or atb, i just want that gameplay. The atb in ff4-9 felt more turnbased than 13

iamtehpwn2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I think you should note that with your second point, with most Final Fantasy's excluding XII, the only "free roam" type area was the overworld map--and you should also note X also only had 1 open area; the calm lands.

As for the second point, the Omega Weapon battle is a free DLC, although a time exclusive for Amazon pre-orders.

Also out of 1-10, 4-9 were not turn based, they were ATB.

Redempteur2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

i don't care that i can't enter any building ..all i want is my quests ...

Why should i care about the building interior ?
Entering into anyone house like walking on the main street is the most stupid cliché of rpgs ever .

Omega weapon is free .. i don't care about pre-orders..
ff13 & FF13-2 are atb games ( it's just quicker this time ) they just are without the wait option.

"Why do SE keep fu*king up? "

Whatever they do , people will complain anyway .

_Aarix_2529d ago

You described lost odyssey real well I felt like that what ff13 shouldve been.

Optical_Matrix2530d ago

This person, hasn't but a clue what he's talking about. No doubt Tales of Symphonia is his first and only Tales game.

miyamoto2529d ago

period. And for Japan's answer to Skyrim its not too shabby.

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richierich2530d ago

They could learn a lot more from their fans

jacksonmichael2530d ago

And in terms of localization, Tales devs could learn a lot from the Final Fantasy series.

knifefight2530d ago

True as it may be, debs don't usually do the localization ^^;;
Publishers maybe.

Snookies122530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Just hope Xillia comes out in America, I haven't played any of the Tales games yet, but that one looks awesome. o_o

Titanz2530d ago

Do it like it was done for FF III (6).

knifefight2530d ago

Aw dude, not using the Kill Bill image from the article? ;_;

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